Viviana awarded 1st Runner Up Curvette of the Year 2013

“Since joining Curves, Viv’s life has changed beyond measure.”

Sydney woman, Viviana Vinas, is moving closer to her life-long dream to become a paramedic, after losing 25.2 kilos through Curves Nutrition Program. Viv, a member at Curves West Ryde, was announced first runner up in the Curves “Curvette of the Year” 2013 competition.

Prior to joining Curves West Ryde, Viv had struggled with her weight from a young age. She was constantly called hurtful names such as “fatty” by friends and family. As she grew up, she hoped to lose the "puppy fat" but unfortunately, her size kept increasing. The dual conditions of polycystic ovary syndrome and insulin resistance, also contributed to her weight gain.

Hitting the 93 kilo mark, her weight was spiralling out of control. However, she wasn’t in the right place just yet to make a change. The final straw for this 28 year old, was an invitation to become maid of honour at her sister's wedding.

Although thrilled to be asked, she felt sad and depressed at the thought of being photographed next to her slim sister. Since joining Curves, Viv’s life has changed beyond measure. Now she can’t wait for her sister's wedding later this year. Well done Viv!

The Curves “Curvette of the Year” 2013 competition recognises the outstanding achievements of Curves members from Australia and New Zealand.

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