Tanya wins Australia & New Zealand Curvette of the Year 2013!

“These days, she feels her life has taken a 360 degree turn, thanks to Curves Nutrition Program. ”

A Brisbane woman, who describes life before losing weight as "just an existence," has been announced Australia and New Zealand Curvette of the Year 2013.

Tanya Jurgensen, who attends Curves Carina in Brisbane, has lost a staggering 68.3 kilos through Curves, including 32.1 kilos on Curves Nutrition Program. Prior to losing weight, Tanya weighed 180 kilos. The public humiliation of being so overweight drove her into a hermit-like state, that led to more emotional eating.

The catalyst for change, was when her doctor delivered his prognosis. It was either gastric bypass surgery or the very real prospect of an early death. At the age of just 27, this was devastating news. Rapidly, she managed to lose some weight on her own but found she was starting to plateau and move backwards. That’s when she turned to Curves.

Starting on Curves Nutrition Program in October last year, Tanya lost 13 kilos in the first twelve weeks. She was hooked. She couldn’t believe the quantity and variety of food available through Curves Nutrition Program. The plan supported her busy corporate lifestyle, allowing her to take healthy snacks with her to functions and meetings. The one-on-one coaching was invaluable. These days, she feels her life has taken a 360-degree turn, thanks to Curves Nutrition Program. She is now using her story to motivate and inspire others in her club and her local community. Congratulations Tanya!

The Curves “Curvette of the Year” 2013 competition recognises the outstanding achievements of Curves members from Australia and New Zealand.

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Tanya Before & After