Tanya transforms her life and her family’s for the better

“The transformation has been a family affair”

Tanya, 47, has lost a total of 8.9kg over 12 weeks and she’s never felt better. The mum of two was crowned the 2015 12 Week Curvette Body Challenge winner.

Tanya says, “The transformation has been a family affair, we’ve been on this journey together, not only have I benefited from a healthier lifestyle but so have my husband and children.”

One of her three daughters has been attending Curves Drysdale Club with her and all the family has been supporting her with exercise that includes 10,000 steps a day.

Tanya explains her exercise routine, “I workout four times per week along with walking daily. The coaches at Curves Drysdale, Andrea, Leanne, Deb & Kay are all so encouraging.”

In charge of the cooking, she’s also enjoyed a re-education to healthy eating and her new meal plans have definitely got the thumbs up from the family.

Tanya adds, “Our pantry has been transformed and the fridge has a new look too. Its been great to rediscover a love for cooking, experimenting with different flavours and ingredients. I’ve been making several new family dishes like salmon tossed with sour cream and grapes, and it’s even had the seal of approval from the kids, which is saying something.”

The programme offered 12 weeks of personalised healthy meal plans and unlimited fitness and group coaching with the Curves coach to keep everyone motivated and on track with their 12-week programme.

The challenge itself revolved around achieving four workouts per week, attending group coaching sessions, a monthly 1:1 session with the Curves Coach and participating in weekly challenges such as creating and sharing a new recipe which fits with the healthy eating plan.

The next Curves 12 Week Curvette Body Challenge starts soon. Find out more.