Sue’s Story: Sue has found she does have the strength

“I can go up and down stairs with ease and my pain killers have been thrown away!”

Three years ago Sue’s life was very different. She was experiencing terrible pain in performing every day tasks, even as simple as walking and descending a set of stairs.

So she went to her GP who ran scans and informed Sue that she had begun to develop osteoarthritis. “After not getting much relief and taking Voltaren for pain relief I went back and asked to be sent to an orthopaedic specialist with views to having a knee replacement”, she said. Her specialist confirmed the diagnosis but suggested trying all other non-invasive options like physiotherapy to build up muscle in the upper legs and alleviate the pressure on the knees. 

A while after starting her physical therapy she decided to join Curves. “I knew all about Curves with the resistance workouts so had nothing to lose and signed up.” Despite the pain Sue persevered. “By going three times a week the improvement was amazing.” Six months later and things were going so well in fact that she was able to stop her pain relief. Armed with her new found optimism about her condition, Sue was trying exercises she never dreamed she’d be able to do without pain. “Walking was pain free, up and down steps was no longer a problem. I can do squats, and other than not being able to kneel very well, life is once again wonderful.”

Sue has now been with Curves for three years and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon, “I feel very empowered with my progress, I recommend it to anyone with joint pain. It shows how perseverance and help can succeed. I hardly have any pain, walking is once more a pleasure, I can go up and down stairs with ease and my pain killers have been thrown away!”