Stacey awarded 1st Runner Up Team Curvette of the Year 2014

“As a Curves Circuit coach, I save women’s lives and provide a supportive and caring environment.”

Meet our First Runner Up of the Team Curvette of the Year Awards - Stacey Brown, Curves North Richmond, NSW

Club: North Richmond
Age: 35
CM lost: 45 cm
Weight Lost: 34 kg

My success highlights the program works if you stick to it

I have a completely new outlook on life, embracing the combination of the right kind of exercise and the right kind of food. Prior to Curves, I had tried every kind of diet and exercise. I always lost a little weight and then put it back on when I stopped. I love the Curves program mostly because of the strong body it has given me. I don’t feel hungry all the time, which is what I felt like with all the previous “diets.”

I believe that my “before” story is the same as the majority of my members. They know I understand where they are coming from and how they feel. I also know that seeing me exercise all through my pregnancy and losing the weight again is really highlighting that the program works if you stick to it. I know they love watching all of my team work out on the Circuit.

As a Curves Circuit coach, I save women’s lives and provide a supportive and caring environment to do so. My favourite tag line when I am coaching on the Circuit is “perfection is an unrealistic expectation”. We work hard on motivating our members to make healthy choices and embrace changes that work for their lifestyle.

Our team all work out at Curves and have all had success from the program, be it weight loss, increase of muscle, overcoming disease, injury or increased flexibility. With our whole hearts, we believe in our program and are passionate about helping as many women as we can. We wear our uniforms with pride and meet weekly to brainstorm ideas on improving service to our members. My team is fantastic. They all bring their unique personality to the club but have the same core values … Curves works!