Our 2017 Curvettes!

“My Curves coach helped me rediscover a love I never knew was there for exercise!”

The Curvette of the Year recognises the inspirational women at our Curves clubs throughout Australia and New Zealand. Thank you to Nata, Karen and Helen for sharing your incredible stories - they're inspiring to our wonderful Curves community and it reminds us all that, with some determination and the support of those around us, anything is possible!

Healthy Curvette of the Year, 2017

Nata Re from Caringbah, AU (pictured on left)

“What I needed was support, education and exercise. I have accountability from the coaches, who don’t make me feel guilty and are my own personal cheerleaders! I have meal plans and only need to dedicate 30 minutes a day to exercise. Although I do go twice a day now because I just have so much fun! Now all the ladies at the gym inspire me and always tell me I look fabulous. I sometimes walk past the mirror and have to do a double take, it really is a new me!”

Nat, an inspirational mum from Caringbah, has overcome crippling arthritic pain and an unhealthy relationship with food to lose 46kgs with Curves. She now fits her 22-year old daughter’s clothes and is no longer in pain, not even requiring medication any more!

Inspirational Curvette of the Year 2017 & Overall Curvette of the Year 2017

Karen Lebsanft from Hawkesbury, AU (pictured in centre)

“I learnt to identify the value of myself in this journey. What I now know, is that putting yourself forward for ‘me’ time even if you are wrought with guilt, is worth it. My coach Jess knew of my situation and silently encouraged me to just be there, to keep coming. It became less and less about exercise but solace, friendship and strength.”

In one of the hardest times in her life, Karen reached out for help and made the conscious effort to manage her health, all the while supporting her husband through his depression, looking after her children and managing a huge business. Now she’s completed her first marathon and is looking to take on the New York marathon later this year. 

Senior Curvette of the Year, 2017

Helen Crewe from Kerikeri, NZ (pictured on right)

“My Curves coach helped me rediscover a love I never knew was there for exercise, together with diet advice I’ve seen a huge improvement in my muscle, balance and mobility. Exercise together with a nutritious diet is the most important thing you can do for yourself with advancing years. Besides the physical benefits you are only as old as you think you are, mentally it has given me the confidence to be special, take on new projects and add new interests to my life. Sitting around ensures you become old in mind and spirit!”

After a move to a new town, Helen found herself developing poor eating and drinking habits. She became physically and mentally debilitated by her aching hips and knees and made the decision to change her life. A year later and 11kgs lighter, 79-year-old Helen is a new woman! She’s fighting fit, pain-free and halved her blood pressure medication.