Introducing Courtney – our 8 Week Challenge Winner!

“Congratulations to Courtney from Curves Nowra!”

Congratulations to Courtney from Curves Nowra for being the winner of our Summer 8 Week Challenge Competition!

Courtney has been a Curves member for just over two years and has participated in three of our fantastic challenges. Since joining Curves Courtney has lost an incredible 26kgs. The 8 Week Challenge was just what Courtney needed to keep her motivation up, losing an additional 6.4 kilograms!

As Courntey says, ‘being strong is not just about being physically strong, it’s about being mentally strong too and that’s what Curves has taught me.’ We are so happy to have helped her on her health and fitness journey. 

Courntey is also the younger sister of our 2015 Curvette of the Year, Kyla! Persistence, motivation and dedication must run in the family! We’d also like to say a huge thank you to the coaches at Curves Nowra who were with Courtney every step of her journey to a healthier, stronger life. 

As the winner of the Summer 8 Week Challenge, she has won a year’s free Curves membership! 

Congratulations again, Courtney! What an incredible achievement.