Donna's Curves Journey

“I have learnt no matter how old you are you can still do amazing things. ”

We love hearing about our members achievements. Thank you to Donna Lenton from Curves Belconnen for sharing her story with us.

On May 2013, I decided to do something about my weight and sedentary lifestyle. My choice was to go back to do something I previously loved and that was playing touch football. When I played my first few games after 6 years, I was hit with the reality that I was nowhere near the level I needed to be to be able to enjoy the game as I used to. This was because I was carrying far too much weight and my balance and agility was way off the mark. My body wasn’t moving where my head wanted it to.

It was August when I decided to join Curves and from then on I haven’t looked back. I became stronger, I modified my eating and the kilos were dropping off much quicker than I could have ever hoped for.

By November 2013, I had lost over 8 kilos. I continued to play touch and I was really enjoying it just like I used to. I was then invited to trial for the Women’s Over 40’s ACT Touch Team to play at the Touch Football Nationals in March. I was selected for the team and managed to pay every game without too much pain. A FIRST!!!

Curves gave me the strength required to safely undergo the vigorous training. Combining the two made a huge difference to my fitness, reduced the risk of injury and improved by game. It has been two months since I played my last game of touch, but I have still managed to lose weight.

I am proud to say that I am 13 kilos lighter than I was in August. I feel like I could do anything now, even getting down and dirty as a proud member of the Curves Courageous team in Miss Muddy. After this, I hope to be playing sport forever. I have learnt no matter how old you are you can still do amazing things. Thanks soooo much Anita and your wonderful, uplifting sensational team at Curves Belconnen!

Donna Lenton