Curves Charlestown wins CLUB Team Curvette of the Year 2014

“Charlestown is renowned for being a Club with excellent, highly motivated staff who live, breath (and eat) the Curves brand. ”

Meet our first ever CLUB Team Curvette of the Year 2014 - Curves Charlestown

Congratulations to Curves Charlestown for winning the first ever CLUB Team Curvette of the Year Award. Charlestown is renowned for being a Club with excellent, highly motivated staff who live, breathe (and eat) the Curves brand. Maria has been successfully running Curves Charlestown for over 6 years.  If you are in the area and have wondered what Curves would be like – you can rest assured you are in safe and loving hands with this team. Congratulations to Maria, Michelle, Shirley and Diana for their fabulous Curvette entries. You can read the stories here:



Age: 62

CM lost: 56 cm

Weight Lost: 6 kg

We embody Curves

My entire life has changed since joining Curves. I joined as a member in 2005. I later became a staff member. I loved the whole concept of Curves so much that I became an owner six years ago. I love that everyday, I can come to work and help to change someone’s life. I spend my day with amazing women of all ages and from all walks of life. I am educated and inspired in so many ways by them. I get to go home feeling that I have made a difference. I travelled to Tasmania with a group of women from my club and we spent six days and nights trekking the Overland Track. This was an amazing adventure and proof that you can change your life at Curves. We all climbed mountains and trekked through all kinds of weather whilst carrying an 18 kilo backpack.

Members comment regularly about my energy for the long days at work. They comment on how I never seem tired and about my passion for exercise and healthy food. Members note that I live and breathe Curves. I believe that I have created a bond with my members. They held a surprise 60th birthday party fully catered at my Club and all chipped in to buy me an iPad. I was so humbled and spent half of the day crying. They were so proud to have kept this secret from me when I am there so often.

My team is very focused and all of us have done Curves Nutrition Program several times. We all live by it and surprise each other when we turn up to work with our peanut butter rice cakes etc.. We are all of healthy weight and we all take pride in our appearance. We can each be seen four times a week working out on the Circuit. We all wear Curves clothing with pride. I believe that we embody the image of Curves to the public and inspire members within the Club.



Age: 43

CM lost: 36 cm

Weight Lost: 6 kg

I help people shine

My family and I commenced our Curves Nutrition Program journey in January 2012. I was very excited about starting and was keen to lead the way. My family didn’t have a choice about starting Curves Nutrition Program, but to their surprise, they were quick to discover that the food tasted normal and it wasn’t diet food. We made our weekly shopping trip an adventure and headed off with our Curves Nutrition Program printed shopping list in our hands. During the first few weeks, we discovered different brands and a great variety of simple healthy recipes and eating options. I taught my son to read food labels and he now gives advice to other shoppers.

I tell people I am a Curves circuit coach and weight loss advisor, who has the best job in the world. I help to change other people’s lifestyles. I help make them shine to be their awesome best, so then they can pass on this feeling to others.

We are always on the circuit, coming in on our days off, talking with the members and inspiring and motivating each other with our Curves Nutrition Program Journey.



Age: 51

CM lost: 59.5 cm

Weight Lost: 11.4 kg

I share my story every day to members who are plodding along just like I was

Curves has given me confidence to go outside my normal bounds. I am a seamstress. I was always making my own clothes but to hide my body, not show it. I am now making and wearing beautiful dresses, showing my new shape and happily receiving lots of favourable compliments. My husband is thrilled. As a mother to two very active grown boys, I am now able to hang out and keep up with them. More importantly, I can discuss their healthy eating options and understand and support them to be healthy and active adults. I became a staff member after joining several other members on a trek across Tasmania. During this trek, I realised I had been coming to Curves but not really making much difference. I decided to commit to Curves Smart and increase my workouts as well as embark on Curves Nutrition Program. I share my story every day to members who are plodding along just like I was.

Members are constantly commenting on the new me and several have joined Curves Nutrition Program after seeing my results. They are always asking me what I am doing that is different to before. It has given me the confidence to help other women to make the change.

I always tell people that I am a circuit coach at Curves and that my role is to motivate members by making every repetition count. I help them to take control of changing their lives, just like I did. I also discuss food and choices with women when I weigh and measure them. I help them to set small goals so that they are not daunted by the big picture.

We have a very good team and we all have the same focus. We want to keep our members happy and help them to get results. We all live the Curves way by continually working out on the circuit. All of us are within healthy weight guidelines. We are all very focused on Curves Nutrition Program and continue to discuss the latest videos or recipes.
We also share pride in our appearance and always wear Curves clothing when at work.



Age: 59

CM lost: 30 cm

Weight Lost: 6.6 kg

Embodying the Curves brand

I have been a competition tennis player for the past 30 years. When menopause hit, I found I gained a few kilos and lost a bit of energy. Going to Curves gave me the strength training and energy I needed to stay competitive and reduce my chances of injury. Losing weight on Curves Nutrition Program has given me back the energy that was missing. I find that I now complete my games and recover much quicker that many of my rivals. I have maintained my weight and fitness and was extremely happy that I was fit and agile when I became a first time grandmother. I look forward to being able to chase my granddaughter around and play with no restrictions.

My members always comment on my fitness and often see me out and about walking on the local track or off to tennis. I tell members that I am a coach, a mentor, a fitness instructor and psychologist. But most of all, I am a friend to lots of women who want to find a balanced lifestyle that is doable and produces realistic results.

Everyone in our team is conscious that we are role models for the women in our club. We all make sure we work out regularly and that we are seen to lead by example. We wear our Curves clothing with pride and all have healthy appearances. We have all done Curves Nutrition Program and often discuss different recipes with each other. I think we truly embody the Curves Brand.