Cathy from Curves Orange wins the 2016 12 Week Challenge!

Cathy Goeghegan is the winner of 2016’s 12-Week Challenge! Through hard work, determination and support from her best friend, Shannon and her trainer, Katrina, Cathy is looking great and feeling even better! Cathy started working out at Curves Orange after Shannon suggested they join together. With her best friend with her every step of the way, Cathy lost an incredible 49cm and 9.8 kilos over the 12-Week Challenge. What an incredible achievement!

Cathy attributes much of her success to the constant encouragement and support from her Curves Coach, Katrina. She recalls, ‘there was a one or two-week period where I had put on weight, naturally I was disappointed, but thankfully I had my coach Katrina to help me ride through that.’

This support of Curves Orange was crucial to Cathy’s success. Cathy’s coach Katrina noted ‘Curves is on a mission to help women live stronger together, we’re so proud of what Cathy has achieved. We’re glad she has found a place that fits into her busy life seamlessly to achieve personal fitness and health goals’.

At Curves, we offer a supportive, encouraging environment for women to work towards a healthier, happier and stronger life.