Amy's Amazing Curves Complete Transformation

“I would recommend Curves to everybody, we are stronger than we think and this has been the best thing I have ever done.”

Julie and Tonia, owners of Curves Mudgee NSW share Amy's Curves Complete Journey: 

Amy joined Curves Mudgee in July 2013. When Amy first walked in she was a dejected young woman and unhappy with the weight she had reached. Amy spoke with some of our members who had achieved great success with the Curves Complete program and decided to give it a go herself.

At Amy's first consultation we sat and talked about all the things in her life that were holding her back from losing weight. We completed Amy's weigh and measures, which can often be a difficult experience, but Amy took it in her stride and said that this was going to be the last time she would see those figures. And she wasn't wrong! 

From day one Amy has been the most focused young woman. She has consistently lost kilograms, body fat and centimeters. Amy never misses a workout and is at Curves every morning when we open the doors. At Curves Mudgee we have had the absolute pleasure of watching Amy blossom and go from a sad, mostly negative person to a happy, lighter and healthier young woman. The most obvious change that I can see is her confidence and self-worth. It has been a great transformation to witness. Amy has followed Curves Complete to the letter and proven that it works.

  • Amy's starting weight in July 2013 was almost 90 Kilograms with a body fat percentage of 35.74%
  • In January 2014 – just 6 months later Amy lost 18.5 Kilograms, 108 centimeters and her body fat percentage is now 26.10%

We at Mudgee are all very proud of her! 

Julie and Tonia


Here is Amys amazing story in her own words:

For the best part of my teenage years I was teased and tormented because I was overweight. The more I was teased the more food I would eat. Food became my friend, my escape. My self esteem and confidence went down and my weight sky rocketed. I had a crush on a boy in high school and when I finally got enough courage to ask him out he rejected me because of my weight. I was devastated and lost all my confidence. 

Six months ago I found out about Curves through a client who convinced me to join Curves Complete. I had watched her fantastic weight loss and how happy she had become. I started to believe that I could do the same. I walked through the doors with an open mind. I was really down about my weight and not sure if I could do this but I was going to try. Every week I started seeing the number on the scales drop and the centimeters reducing and my self confidence improving. Once I lost 10kgs people were starting to notice and comment about how healthy and happy I was looking. My clothes were now starting to fall off me which was a nice feeling. To this date I have lost 18.5 kgs, 108cm, 2 dress sizes and 2 cup sizes. I now weigh 71.3 and this is the lowest I have ever been.

I could never have done this without Kyla, Julie and Tonia, they have been the most amazing support team along with my family and friends. I would recommend Curves to everybody, we are stronger than we think and this has been the best thing I have ever done.

Amy Jackson