A new life after 34 kilo loss

“A decision to change after a visit to the Doctor changed my life.”

Kimberley Costello had avoided the scales for a long time. She was in denial about her size. During a doctor’s visit, Kimberley was shocked to learn she weighed 125 kilos. Mortified, she immediately decided to change her lifestyle and lose weight. After losing 10 kilos on her own, Kimberley felt her motivation slipping. 

She knew a member at Curves Whangarei New Zealand, who encouraged her to join. 

Since then, Kimberley has lost a massive 34 kilos, including 16.5 kilos on Curves Nutrition Program. Kimberley says that Curves has helped her in more ways than she ever imagined.

She now has more confidence, which has made her a better employee, girlfriend and friend. She loves buying the clothes she likes, not just those in her size. Never in a million years did Kimberley think she would fit into size 12 jeans!  “I owe it all to Curves!"