What to Eat Pre- and Post- Workout

“it’s important to do what works for you.”

Eating certain types of foods before and after your circuit training workout can provide your body with the energy it needs to perform at its best and also recover properly.

Use this guide for eating right before and after your workout:

Healthy pre-workout snack ideas

A pre-workout snack is your best bet for fueling your body and will prevent you from overeating after working out.  Eating a snack of healthy carbs and lean protein about an hour before your workout will usually give you enough time to digest your food and provide plenty of energy for you to push through that routine without hunger pangs.  On the other hand, some people find that working out after a big meal can compromise performance and even make them feel nauseous.  If you’re an elite athlete, you may wish to consult a sports dietitian who can give you more tailored advice.  In summary, it’s important to do what works for you.  You may need to experiment to get this balance right. Make sure you’re also keeping up your fluids throughout your workout – the best fluid for most people is water, but reduced fat plain or flavoured milk is also a fabulous pre-or post-workout rehydration drink.

Here are some healthy pre-workout snack ideas:

Yogurt with fruit - 1 cup of Greek yogurt with ¼ cup blueberries is a filling and satisfying snack before any workout.

Apple with peanut butter - the perfect way to take care of sweet and salty cravings; ½ of an apple with ½ tablespoon of reduced-fat peanut butter and 1 light string cheese is a healthy and satisfying pre-workout snack.

Oats with eggs - if you want a breakfast before a morning workout, try having ½ cup cooked oatmeal with egg whites or a whole egg.

Post-workout meal ideas

It’s important to pay attention to what you eat within an hour of your workout to optimise your body’s recovery and to replenish fuel stores.  A combination of carbohydrates as well as protein is ideal.

Something like a grilled chicken breast salad is a perfect lunch option after a morning workout session.  Chicken breast is packed with protein and you can enjoy it with some healthy carbs such as brown rice or sweet potato for a full recovery meal

Alternatively, a high-protein bar or shake can be a practical replacement for a full meal and can still provide your body with the nutrients it needs after an intense workout. Try something like the Curves Protein Bar or the Curves Protein Shake as your post-workout meal.


By Sabah Karimi