The Top 3 Industry Recommended Diet Tips that Actually Work!

“ The only way to lose, stabilise and maintain a healthy weight is to manage your diet and do regular exercise, always.”

When you’re weight-conscious, you find yourself reading all sorts of advice and information about nifty ways to drop the kilos.

There’s so much information out there that it’s really quite overwhelming.

One source says red wine is good for you while another says it’s bad.

One says white bread is the devil while another says that all bread is.

One says chocolate should be avoided at all costs, unless it’s dark, in which case it will keep you slim as long as you suck it while humming the national anthem and standing on one leg…

It’s exhausting.

Everyone you know and every magazine you buy is keen to offer you one tip or another on some easy-fix-short-cut to getting in shape.

The truth is that there aren’t any.

There are, however, medically backed, professionally approved diet tips that really do work. At Curves, we’ve developed a program that’s filled with them.

Here are just 3 that we, and the health industry, recommend:

1. Don’t go ‘low-carb’

For years beauty magazines and celebs have been endorsing low, or even no-carb diets and because they all look so effortlessly gorgeous, we believe the hype.

However, behind every promising headline sit groups of people with live-in dietitian, coaches, personal assistants and air-brushers.

You don’t have those luxuries and when you eat well, you don’t need them.

Low or no-carb diets don’t work. There’s plenty of quality research which shows that your body needs carbs. They give it the physical, emotional and psychological fuel it needs to function properly.

Look after your body and stabilise your weight by including vegetables, pulses and wholegrains in your diet and cutting out biscuits, cakes and fizzy drinks.

2. Control your portions

You really can have too much of a good thing.

If you’re eating plenty of good foods and exercising but failing to shift those clingy kilos then it may be down to portion control.

Some foods, like nuts and dried fruit are good for you but only in moderation. Absent-mindedly grazing on them can lead to you consuming hundreds of extra calories without even noticing that you’re doing it.

3. Eat breakfast

We see a lot of new members who’ve been skipping meals in the hope that by just eating less, they’ll weigh less.

It seems logical but the human body just doesn’t work that way.

When you limit the amount of food you eat, your body clings to it and stores it, causing your metabolism to slow down and burn far fewer calories than it could.

Eating breakfast changes that and sets you up for a day of successful dieting. A study of 4,200 people found that those who ate breakfast had fewer weight issues, were more likely to exercise and ate less calories throughout the day, than those who skipped it.

If you were looking for instant-fix, overnight success diet tips here, you might be feeling a bit disappointed right now, but honestly, there aren’t any.

The only way to lose, stabilise and maintain a healthy weight is to manage your diet and do regular exercise, always.

We know it’s hard but we can help you do it. For lots more diet tips that work, become a member of Curves and we’ll help you to attain the slim, healthy body you’ve always wanted.