What to expect on your first visit

Are you unsure about working out in a new gym? For most people, heading to work out at a fitness centre for the first time can be intimidating—and maybe even a little bit scary. However, Curves takes away all those negative feelings with fun and innovative fitness circuits led by knowledgeable and friendly staff.  The first step is to find a club and call them or make an appointment now online. Our online instant appointment booker finds your closest club and provides the days and times that are available for you to make a time for your first free consultation. 

Just Walk In
Take a deep breath, open the door and walk into Curves. It may seem scary, but you’re entering a non-judgmental zone and a welcoming community of women just like you. You’ll meet one of our trained Curves Coaches, try a few strength training machines, and learn about our latest circuits.  Together with your Curves Coach, you’ll help create a fitness plan for your success. At Curves there are no set times, you can just drop in whenever the club is open to do your 30 minute fitness circuit. Unlike many other fitness centres at Curves there is always a coach to train and motivate you. 

Make New Friends
You will not only build muscle at Curves, but you will also build strong friendships. You'll quickly find like-minded women with similar fitness goals, challenges, likes and dislikes. The Curves community is full of strong women – just look around the circuit! Whether you bring a friend with you or make new ones, the coaches, owners, and members of Curves are sure to support you both on and off the circuit. Live stronger together with the support and encouragement of other women like you!

Feel the Motivating Vibes
People tend to reach their goals quicker and stay motivated when they have workout partners who share similar goals. You and your Curves circuit community will enjoy the benefits of motivating each other while keeping each other on track. You’ll probably find you’re held more accountable to your workouts and will look forward to sweating it out together.

Exude Confidence
Being stronger and feeling great are both wonderful, but when you are 100% confident in yourself, there's no stopping you. From barely wanting to exercise to conquering workouts at Curves, you'll feel as if there is nothing that can stop you. 

What's Next?
So you look good, feel good and have full confidence in yourself. What else can you do for yourself? Introduce a friend to Curves so she can enjoy the same benefits of strength training, start trying some Curves Body Basics Circuits, or talk to your Curves Coach for even more options!