“When you are fit from head to toe, a world of fun and adventure is open to you.”

For fitness from head to toe, the Curves Circuit does the job as it strengthens every major muscle group in your body. But if you want to turn up the toning, consider one of our specialty Body Basic Circuits to provide an extra boost to—you guessed it—your arms, legs and core achieved with additional strength moves that you’ll do between machines. Here are 9 reasons why you might just want that extra boost.


For Your Arms

They do so much for you. Do this class for them.


1. Prevent the hunch. “Most women store stress in their arms and shoulders,” says Hannah Karrass, Vice President of Programs and Science for Curves. “A stressful event equals the classic shoulder hunch.” You want arms that are both strong and flexible.


2. Make lifting and carrying easier. When you have strong arms, everything you do with them—hauling groceries, picking up your grandkids, gardening—becomes easier. 


3. Tone your arms. Come to this class consistently and follow a healthy nutrition plan to help tone and sculpt your upper arms.


For Your Core

“Simply said, a strong core is your common denominator of strength,” Karass points out. 


4. Stand—and walksteady on your feet. A strong core provides 360 degrees of support for better balance.


5. Make everything easier. Your core is at the centre of body movement. Whether you bend forward or backward, to the left or to the right. Rotate left, rotate right, your core is involved. A strong core helps you pick up the package that was delivered to your door, get up from a chair and complete household chores such as vacuuming and mopping.


6. Help beat back pain. Not only do weak back muscles make you vulnerable to lower back problems, weak abs can set you up for strain. By strengthening the entire circuit of muscles around your middle—front, sides, and back—you can prevent one of the most common complaints.


7. Enjoy a slimmer silhouette. By strengthening your core muscles and following a healthy nutrition plan, you can tighten your tummy. In addition, a strong core improves your posture, and when you stand taller, you look thinner.


For Your Legs

Oh the places you’ll go with strong legs.


8. Avoid or alleviate arthritis of the knee. Strong quads (front of the thighs) and hamstrings (back of the thighs) help to support your knees and take stress off the joints, which can not only help prevent arthritis and injuries to the knee but also relieve some of the pain if you have arthritis.


9. Play better. Strengthen your legs and you’ll be up for a game of kickball with your kids or to run a 5K for breast cancer or ski down a mountain. When you are fit from head to toe, a world of fun and adventure is open to you. Let the Curves Arms, Legs and Core Body Basic Circuits help you get there.


 Scheduled at participating locations only.