Introducing the Curves Body Basic Circuits

“Our clubs offer a variety of circuits known as Curves Body Basics.”

You may think you know everything about Curves. It’s a 30 minute circuit for women right? Yes – you are right...but it’s so much more than you think! There is not just one kind of circuit. Our clubs offer a variety of circuits known as Curves Body Basics. From Body Balance to Box and Tone, our range of circuits will work your body and mind to help you achieve great results from your workout.

Our fantastic circuits are listed below. Give them a go!

Stretch and Strength
Lengthen your muscles and increase your range of motion
Improve your balance, stability and core strength
Arms, Legs and Core
Focused sessions that strengthen your major muscle groups
A heart pumping workout designed to energize and tone muscles in one circuit.
Combine Arms, Legs and Core movements for a total body workout
Dance and Tone
Get your body moving with Curves Dance and Tone. Incorporating movements from many styles of dance this Body Basic Circuit is designed to improve balance, flexibility, strength, cognitive ability and physical grace. 5, 6, 7, 8 - Let's Dance!
Box and Tone
Fight your way to strength and fitness with Curves Box and Tone. Specially designed to increase your strength and endurance, this circuit combines various levels of intensity to give you a great workout!