Suzanne's Incredible Curvette Story

Our incredible 2015 Curvette of the Year, Suzanne from Curves Chartwell has recently dropped us a line to let us know about her Curvette experience! See what she has to say below.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of being selected as a finalist and then winning the Curvette of the Year NZ for 2015!  I am continuing to enjoy going to Curves three to four times a week and am feeling so fit and well! A large part is thanks to Curves for keeping me fit and healthy."

In 2015, Suzanne aimed to get as fit and healthy as possible in order to be considered as a kidney donor for her son. After being given the all clear, Suzanne recently underwent the operation to donate and it was a huge success!

"All my medical checkups after our operations have been excellent and the Doctors are saying I am in great health! A large part is thanks to Curves for keeping me fit and healthy. My son, Christopher is now so well following his kidney transplant! He is living life to the full and loving being a normal young man. He is training and working and loving his job and is so happy to be following his dream of medicine! My daughter Nadya had just come back from overseas teaching English in France. Now she is about to complete her Teaching Degree and will be applying for a teaching position to start next year."

Suzanne has also been able to enjoy her Curvette of the Year prizes!

"The wonderful prizes that were given to me were amazing! I bought a beautiful Peridot Ring with the $200 prize money. This stone represents life so I thought buying a ring with such a stone is the essence of what I had just been awarded. The Millers Voucher was wonderful. I was able to buy many lovely items with that. I was paid $200 for the article, which appeared in the Lucky Break Magazine. I bought an Amethyst Ring with this. This stone is purple and signifies spirituality so, again very significant to the event.

The wonderful prize money from HQ Destination was great. Nadya and I loved coming to Auckland and staying in the lovely hotel and the fun photo shoot with New Idea and Curves! We often talk about that neat time!"

Congratulations again Suzanne, you are truely an inspiration to us all! Keep up the fantastic work on your health and fitness journey!

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