Shell Tulley, Empowering Women

““My passion now is to take what I have learned, and pay it forward to others. I am grateful there is a gym like Curves to give me that opportunity.””

At the young age of 33, Shell weighed a lifetime high of 110 kg. She knew that her weight was contributing to poor health, lack of energy and low self-esteem.  However, it was the events of a tragic incident that made Shell really take action. 

 “I was left with the decision to either lie down and cry or get up and fight. I think all of us who have struggled with weight can find that moment when something wonderful can be forged from a time of hardship.” 

The journey wasn’t instant and fast. Overall,  the journey took Shell around one year of determination and effort. Shell’s husband was her biggest supporter. His words gave her a wakeup call. He said it was ‘now or never’.

“He told me the secret to success was to keep on going, no matter the setbacks. It’s that advice I give to my Curves members every day!”  

No journey to success is ever in a straight line, it was sometimes two steps forward and then three steps back for Shell. But she always got back up and kept going. She knew if she kept going, she could not fail.

With regular circuit training, distance running and a clean eating diet plan, Shell learnt to find a healthy balance in life.  

“Exercise and healthy eating has changed the way I feel when I wake up every morning, the choices I make about everything throughout my day.  The confidence I carry in my step is still something I never take for granted!”

Being lighter opened her mind so she could think clearly again! She made choices from a position of strength - both physical and emotional. 

“I now know if I could do that (lose weight) then I can do anything! My husband once described seeing my transformation as me ‘coming back to who I really am’. And that really sums it up.”

By the time Shell reached her goal weight, she decided to become a Personal Trainer (PT). When friends and people learned about her transformation they were not only amazed, but wanted to know how she accomplished it. They would want to know how she trained, what she ate, and before long it became something she realised she wanted to do for a living; help others do what she had done. Paying it forward seemed the logical next step. And so her journey as a PT began. 

There was a Curves gym nearby to where Shell lived, she didn’t know much about it other than it was specifically for women, and used strength training to promote weight loss. When she walked into Curves she was surprised to learn there was so much more to it than that! She met beautiful people from all walks of life, dedicated trainers who only wanted to help the members feel good, be there best and realise their goals! Shell did not know that Curves was more than a gym, that people referred to it as a “Club” and a “community,” a place where women became stronger together.

This made her realise she wanted to be a part of it - and use her journey to inspire and empower them. That if she can do this, anyone can!

“I walked into Curves to do “Trainer Experience” for my Certificate 4 in fitness and never looked back! I very quickly realised it was a place where I could make a real difference in women’s lives because the framework and the science behind weight loss was already there - all I had to do was bring my life experience as a former overweight person myself - and hope to encourage, maybe even inspire others that if I could become fit and healthy, then they could too!"

Now a Curves Nutrition Program Coach, Shell also has Certificates 3 & 4 in fitness as a PT. 

We asked Shell what she loves most about Curves.

“Curves is completely unique! When I first walked in I couldn’t believe there was one place where women could workout, meet other positive like-minded people, get access to online meal plans and one-on-one coaching! I love my job - I love my members, and every day it is a thrill to help women empower themselves to become mentally and physically strong!”

Shell’s members continue to keep her motivated. Their focus and dedication is inspiring and she in turn inspires them – creating a wonderful cycle of positivity. 

“My passion now is to take what I have learned, and pay it forward to others. I am grateful there is a gym like Curves to give me that opportunity.”

The advice she would give to people who are struggling to lose weight? 

“Ask yourself why you want this. I mean really, really be honest with your own heart. Because your answer to that question will not only define your journey, it will become your motivation every time you are toying with the idea of skipping a workout or falling back into bad eating habits.” 

“Finally, you cannot do it without support. Find someone you trust who supports you on this journey and report to them regularly. I love my Curves members, and every day it is a thrill to help women empower themselves to become mentally and physically strong.” 

Shell Tully is an inspirational women and an example of how the Curves Community can empower women to achieve their goals.