Retreat to Asia

“Fortunately for Australians we are located close to Asia which makes it easy to decide that it’s time for a retreat. ”

Asia has always been considered the holiday destination for couples & families because of the beaches, shopping, food & culture.  However with the increase in Wellness Tourism over the past few years Asia is being seen more and more as a wellness destination due to its many beautiful retreats.

  • Wellness Tourism can be defined as ‘Traveling to Improve Wellbeing’ and can be divided into 3 categories:
    • Beauty and Spa: For those travellers that are interested in beauty, and a bit of self-pampering;
    • Spirituality: For the travellers that are seeking self-awareness and enlightenment.  These retreats are more meditative in focus.  Many of these retreats include activities such as meditation classes/yoga/tai chi;
    • Health & Fitness: For the more active traveller or those with a particular focus on health and lifestyle. These retreats are focused on healthy eating, weight management & fitness and may include seminars on lifestyle management techniques.

Wellness Tourism gives travellers the opportunity for some alone time or time with friends as this tourism trend does not really appeal to the family market.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bali as well as Thailand are making the most of this booming trend.  Fortunately for Australians we are located close to Asia which makes it easy to decide that “it’s time for a retreat’’ however it can be difficult to choose which retreat is best for you.


Tips for choosing a retreat

  • It’s important to decide which category of wellness you are looking for.   Some resorts offer all 3 categories while others are more specific to one category.  Be mindful that with some exclusive retreats they are only available on specific dates.
  • Would you prefer to spend the entire time at the retreat with planned activities or would you prefer to choose some and not others?
  • Would you prefer a retreat that is quite regimented?  Some retreats have compulsory yoga, Tai chi or meditation at sunrise.  Is this for you?
  • Do you need the support of alternative health practitioners to get you back on track?
  • Some retreats have a no alcohol policy to aid in detoxing.  Is this for you?

After deciding which category of retreat best suits your needs, the next step is to look at which country.   Bali and Thailand are known more for activities, beaches & shopping, whereas Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam are known for a slower pace.

Reward yourself for all you’ve achieved at Curves by treating yourself to a retreat in Asia.  After determining your retreat needs the next step is to contact the experts in Wellness Travel at Destination HQ to help choose the best retreat for you and to get you there ASAP!


DESTINATION HQ;,,  1300 783 840