Janet Alexander completes her 2000th Workout!

“I think every member in that Gym knew when I had done my 2000th workout! They were as excited as I was!”

Janet Alexander started at Curves Weston ACT on 21st April 2005 and on Wednesday January 29th 2014 she completed her 2000th workout. This is an average of 19 workouts a month over the past 9 years! WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!

Julie Griffin, Owner of Curves Weston Creek, staff and members celebrated Janet’s success by having a morning tea at the gym with over 30 members. “We shared laughs, tears, gifts and bubbles,” says Julie. Julie tells us that “Curves Weston would not be the same without Janet coming in on a daily basis; she puts a smile on everyones face and we are extremely proud of what she has achieved.”

Julie asked Janet what has kept her going to Curves for over 9 years?

  • The friendships I have built and continue to build - Today a new member saw my 2000 T-shirt and she introduced herself to me (staff at Curves Weston are very good at recognising individuals for their achievements, it’s lovely, I think every member in that Gym knew when I had done my 2000th workout! They were as excited as I was)
  • The loyal staff; from the beginning, 2005 until now have been supportive, friendly and caring, this makes it easy to get up in the morning and go to Curves.
  • I am fitter, stronger and have a good level of fitness. It’s Curves that has helped me maintain good health (I have had a major operation in this time and my doctor said my recovery time was incredible, each time I visit my doctor he asks “Are you still at Curves?” He would not be happy if I left!
  • My biggest supporter was my husband Doug who passed away in June 2013, he loved me going to Curves, catching up with my friends and working on my health and fitness. He once told Julie the owner “it keeps her in a happy mood!"

Congratulations Janet on reaching 2000 workouts at Curves, the entire Curves team wishes you every success as you continue along your health and fitness journey and here is to the next 2000 workouts.