It’s time to book your family travel for 2016

“Wildlife safaris, camping out under the stars in South Africa or Tanzania, getting to see the animals of Africa up close and personal is an amazing experience for anyone and to be able to share that as a family would be unforgettable.”

Thinking about your next upcoming holiday? The early bird fares will be released within the next couple of months. Destination HQ recommends that you start giving some thought to your travel for next year NOW.

The trend in family travel this year has continued to be Asia dominated. There have been some great deals in 2015 to Bali & Thailand. However Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos are emerging as family travel hot spots. For beaches, shopping, culture & food Asia reigns supreme.

The beautiful, relaxing Phuket Orchid Resort 

The US is also a popular destination for family travellers. Definitely the West Coast is far more accessible for Australian families than the East. However, travelling to the East Coast to Florida & incorporating a Caribbean Cruise is certainly on the rise. Royal Caribbean Cruises have some amazing ships that leisurely cruise this part of the world.

Cruising, whether it’s the Caribbean or the Pacific has steadily increased in recent years. The huge advantage that cruising offers is the ability to see different countries and experience different cultures but only unpack once. Cruising is a traveling home away from home. With all inclusive cruises available this could be the ultimate family getaway.

Europe and the UK are always well covered with the early bird fares. As a family travel destination, the UK & Europe are worthy of consideration, particularly for families with older children. Once the flight is behind you the trip of a lifetime can begin. Hire a car in the UK and spend time staying at B & B’s in the rolling countryside outside of London. In Europe you can drive or if you’d prefer perhaps a more relaxing way of getting around you can travel by train. Either way Europe always has so much to offer with a variety of different cultures, ancient history and of course incredible food.

South America is emerging as a travel trend particularly with the under 30’s and retirees. Chile, Argentina & Brazil have so much to offer in terms of their natural beauty that it would be the ultimate destination for any family that enjoys the great outdoors. 

Africa is also a great destination for adventurous families. Wildlife safaris, where you get to see the animals up close and personal and camping out under the stars in South Africa or Tanzania are amazing experiences that will make your family holiday unforgettable. 

So there are some great ideas for family holidays for 2016. Now it’s up to you to think about what destination interests your family and contact us at DESTINATION HQ today on 1300 783 840 or email: