Meet Our Amazing 2016 Curvettes!

The Curvette of the Year gives us a chance to recognise, celebrate and reward the amazing women of Curves.

This year we have heard so many inspirational and uplifting stories from all over Australia and New Zealand.

Healthy and Curvette of the Year, 2016

Toni Irvine from Belconnen, AU (pictured on right)

"During the time at Curves I gradually cut down the amount of insulin I was taking. I now do not need any insulin. I average 85,000 steps a week and attend Curves 3 times a week! I can finally say I love who I am. I look into the mirror and am actually happy with the way I look and feel."

Tipping the scales at over 120kgs and taking daily medication for diabetes, Toni has lost 43kgs with Curves. She now feels less stressed and has the energy to play with her grandchildren.

Senior Cuvette of the Year, 2016

Kay Baird from Ashburton, NZ (pictured in centre)

"The wide range of machines enable me to exercise my muscles in ways that I couldn't achieve by myself. Curves has improved my strength and kept me as mobile as possible. Curves pushes me to become stronger, it has made a huge difference to my mental and physical health."

A MS sufferer for 19 years, Kay has recently finished her 1000th workout at Curves and travelled the world.

Inspirational Curvette of the Year, 2016

Sue Dunand from Caringbah, AU (pictured on left)

"My 16 year old daughter is worried because I am fitting into her clothes now! I have had to buy serveral wardrobes (where I can now buy off the rack) and am loving the new me. I am confident and fitter than I have ever been in my life."

Having battled with obesity most of her life, Sue has lost 20kgs at Curves and taken control of her depression.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved with Curvette of the Year 2016. From members to coaches – you are an inspiration to thousands of women. Your entry may just inspire someone else to join Curves and change their life for the better. You can read all the incredible Curvette stories here.