6 Simple Tips to Help Double Your Fruit and Veggies

“Not eating enough fruit and veg?”

Whether it’s because you’re busy, or your kids are fussy eaters, sometimes getting in those extra servings of fruit and veg into your day seems too big an ask. We all know that fruits and vegetables are the basis of any healthy diet plan; they help control your blood pressure and cholesterol, strengthen your arteries and bones, support your eyes, digestive system (and pretty much every other part of your body), and they give you the vitamins, minerals, and hydration you need to get through your day. Not to mention the fact that they’re great additions to your diet if you’re wondering what to eat to lose weight, since they’re versatile, flavourful and relatively low in calories. But even though we know all this were still not getting enough in our diet.

If you’re out of ideas on how to up your intake of fruit and veg, these ingenious tips have you covered!


Fruit makes a tasty addition to green salads.  You can’t go wrong with the classic pear and gorgonzola combination, but there are others that are more unusual and just as delicious. Try serving plums (de-stoned, cut in half, and dished up either raw or lightly oven roasted and topped with a hint of honey) over spinach with goat cheese, shallots, and herbs. Or, figs (also cut in half and served either raw or lightly roasted) over arugula with Parmesan and shallots. Also consider going savoury with your dressing when your salad includes sweeter fruit.  


Roast a head of cauliflower and puree it; you can do a million things with it then: Add it to your meatloaf for a sneaky extra veggie; eat it instead of mashed potatoes to get a real veggie instead of a starch; or even thin it with white wine or stock and use it as a pasta sauce for another sneaky veggie. Experiment!


Not a spinach eater? Throw a few fresh leaves into a blender together with ½ cup of frozen blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries, and you’ll never taste the greens. Add a banana, scoop of plain yogurt, pineapple juice, and a tablespoon ground flaxseed, and you’ll have a nutritious breakfast or lunch that makes a great part of a weight loss eating plan. You’ll also get lasting energy to get you through your full body workout at Curves. For some added flavour, add a dash of mint, cinnamon, vanilla, or cocoa.


To beef up a pasta sauce, chilli, lasagna, or meat loaf without the actual beef, add some grated carrots, zucchini, or squash. You’ll get an extra serving of vegetables and cut down on your red meat intake, both which will contribute to your healthy eating plan.  


Berries, peaches, pears – they all make delicious purees. Instead of a sauce full of salt and fat, top grilled seafood or poultry with a sweet berry sauce. Or top pancakes, waffles or French toast with peach puree instead of sugary syrup.  Fruits make a great alternative to traditional condiments as part of a weight loss eating plan.

A healthy eating plan full of fruits and veggies is a crucial part of your success at Curves. Aim for at least two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of vegetables per day, more if you can.