12 reasons why you’ll love our 12 Week Curvette Body Challenge

“Get a head start with Curves and establish positive lifestyle changes that will last for summer and beyond!”

  1. Knowledge is power – Improve your success rate of becoming fit and losing weight by empowering yourself with knowledge from our expert Coaches during the 12 Week Challenge. When we become more educated about our choices, we make better decisions. Whether it comes down to picking the right food, understanding how your body reacts to certain nutrients and vitamins or gauging how activities can impact your journey to weight loss. The 12 Week Challenge will equip you with tools for success.

  2. It’s not just about losing weight – The 12 Week Curvette Body Challenge is not just about losing weight. There are many components to it – including developing lasting positive habits for a healthier lifestyle.  

  3. It’s time to take care of yourself - You take care of your family, you take care of your friends and you take care of work that needs to be done. It’s time to focus on ‘me time’ and start taking care of YOU! The 12 Week Curvette Body Challenge will help you look after your body better. Love yourself enough to be healthy.

  4. Meet like-minded women – Losing weight and getting fit doesn't have mean you have to do it alone. The 12 Week Curvette Body Challenge allows you to become part of a supportive, encouraging environment where you can meet women in your community who may have similar health goals. It’s a great opportunity to learn together, engage in conversation and understand the struggles and challenges together. 

  5. There is science behind it - Achieve better results with our scientifically proven 30 min workout – The 12 Week Curvette Body Challenge combines Curves Fitness with personalised meal plans and weekly group coaching sessions to help you achieve better results! 

  6. Earn your summer body in winter! - Why be reactive when you can be proactive? There’s nothing worse than realising that summer is just around the corner and you’d like to lose a few KGs. Last minute diets do not work! Get a head start with Curves and establish positive lifestyle changes that will last for summer (and beyond)!

  7. Fitness Motivation made easy! – The 12 Week Curvette Body Challenge is designed to encourage and motivate you. Our dedicated Coaches are there to help address the challenges and obstacles you may be facing - whether it comes down to making healthier choices, to working-out, choosing the right food or becoming more supermarket smart! Enjoy weekly Group Coaching sessions with your coach for extra motivation and support to keep your on track. 

  8. Set yourself a goal! – The 12 Week Curvette Body Challenge is a 12 week program encouraging full commitment. It also encourages participants to make a pledge. It’s not always easy to make a commitment but once you do, you’re more likely to follow through. 

  9. Be inspired by the Curves Community – The 12 Week Curvette Challenge begins the 1st of June. In your Club you will attend weekly group coaching sessions together and participate in weekly challenges. Each week there will be something new to learn and experience together. The Curves Community will support your every step of the way. Your success is our success! 

  10. Setting small targets to achieve big – Often people try dangerous crash diets only to realise how easy it is to gain those unwanted kilos back. The 12 Week Curvette Body Challenge is designed to help you achieve realistic and healthy weight loss goals and set you up for a healthier future. We will empower you with knowledge and encourages newly formed habits that will help sustain a healthier lifestyle even after the program. Curves is not a diet. We offer a lifestyle. 

  11. Be in the running to become Curvette of the year! – “Curvette of the Year” acknowledges the achievements of Curves Members who have adopted a healthier lifestyle, lost weight and changed their lives for the better. This year there will be 5 categories. The 12 Week Curvette Body Challenge is one of those and we’d like to recognise and reward individuals who have taken that positive step this winter to improve their health.  

  12. Win a luxury trip to a five-star Thailand retreat – Not only can you achieve life-lasting fitness and weight loss goals during the 12 weeks, you could also win an amazing holiday at a luxury hotel and spa in Thailand courtesy of Destination HQ and Aava Resort and Spa. Visit: http://www.curves.com.au/12-week-challenge for more details.