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At Curves Young we provide our members with a convenient, friendly and comfortable environment where you will find all the support you need to meet your health and fitness goals.
The Curves 30 minute workout is designed for women and includes all the components needed for a complete exercise program. We also run Body Basics Circuits to add variety to your exercise routine.
We are located in Lovell St, opposite the Young Visitor Information Centre. There is always plenty of parking available nearby.

Please give me a call on 6382 4133 or drop in and I’ll show you around and can answer any questions you may have.
If you would like to make an appointment online please click the GET STARTED button above to set up an appointment and I will be in touch with you to confirm your time.  I look forward to meeting you.  Thanks, Sue.
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Curves Young

44b, Lovell Street,
Young, New South Wales, 2594

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Hi, I'm Sue, owner of Curves Young.  I am a registered exercise professional with Fitness Australia, registered as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Leader, with the additional specialties of aqua and children's training.  I am a registered mentor with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT).  I have been certified since 2010 by Zumba Inc. in numerous Zumba disciplines including Basics 1 and 2, Kids and Kids Jr, and Aqua.  I am qualified by WETS/Austswim as an Aqua Fitness instructor.  I am a certified pre and post-natal coach, specialising in assisting women with their exercise regime during and after pregnancy, and I am a Certified for Coaching Women specifically.

Curves Young is Registered Business with Fitness Australia.  Many private health funds require a business to be registered with Fitness Australia in order for their members to be able claim rebates on their gym membership. If you have private health insurance, depending on your level of cover, this is something you may be eligible to apply for.

Sue Rice

Owner / Curves Complete Coach / Personal Trainer

Since 2006, Curves Young has been helping the women in this area with their health and fitness.  We are not just a club, we are a community.

Curves Young has so much variety for our members.  We offer 30 minute fitness designed especially for women.  The workouts are fun and effective and we have different Body Basics circuits to add variety to your workouts.  For those wishing to have additional help with their diet, we offer the Curves Complete nutritional plan.  We are a supportive community of women who do not judge each other.  Curvers Young is a safe and welcoming environment.




22.11.16 – the end of life as I had known it. My GP leaned over the desk and told me that, instead of the expected Gall Bladder problem, I had Pancreatic Cancer. I needed no explanation – my mother had died of the same disease several years previously and I had thoroughly researched that prognosis: at best, one chance in five of surviving five years, after major Whipples surgery. The path ahead was dangerous and probably doomed.

I was rushed to Wagga for a battery of tests and scans and given an unexpected boost – because I didn’t have any evidence of spread of the cancer, wasn’t overweight, didn’t smoke or drink excessively, ate healthily and was active - I was in the best category for a positive outcome.

I had joined Curves nine years previously and attended regularly because I liked the activity and had always leaned to a healthy vegetable-based diet. Also, I had lots of friends there and enjoyed their company.

I was referred to a top Sydney surgeon who explained his researched, innovative method of killing the tumour in situ with savage chemotherapy and radiotherapy and then extracting a dead tumour to prevent spread. My potential recovery stats increased.

Many friends at this point told me about the ABC Catalyst programme from the previous May, which featured a major Perth hospital. Cancer specialists had included a gym in their oncology unit and program participants committed to 30 minutes of strong exercise, tailored to their particular cancer and supervised by an Exercise Physiologist, either 30 minutes before or after the chemotherapy. Increased blood flow made the chemo more effective, increased personal defence mechanisms, and maintained muscle tone and bone strength. Participants exited the course looking, feeling and being statistically better. The surprise to me was that all the exercise machines they used were available at Curves Young! I told Sue Rice, the Director/Manager, also qualified personal trainer, and she immediately offered to be my personal trainer and open the gym whenever I needed it! I was blown away by her compassion and practical support. With the guidance of a Sydney Exercise Physiologist, we began a programme of basically resistance and aerobic exercise, which I undertook before and after chemo. I also exercised from the day I started chemo until the day of the Whipples Operation. The chemo worked so well that the tumour reduced sufficiently that I was able to omit radiotherapy and go straight to surgery after three months, while I was still strong and healthy. My recovery from the removal of four major organ parts was faster than expected and last week, two months after the procedure, the surgeon said he no longer needed to see me again and put me on a six-month gentle chemo regime, with tests over the next five years AND – I can drive, resume exercises and life as I knew it!


On Saturday 27th August 2016 at 7am, I “snuck” into Curves praying that no one would see me…my one size fits most attire not at all forgiving on my heavy frame! I knew I had to start walking a different path as I became very aware of the spiralling head space I was in and medical conditions exacerbated by my excess weight. I also knew I needed someone to walk the path with me, guiding and motivating me to stay on that path to achieve very personal goals. I needed someone who would be sensitive to how I was feeling and show me respect and privacy by never asking why, but just be there. Thankfully that day my Coach Sue Rice ticked all those boxes and continues to do so, for which I am eternally grateful.

Many people have asked me what is the secret to my weight loss. At first I responded very simplistically that there is no secret, you just need to move more and put less in your mouth and have a dedicated Curves coach. After many months of soul searching (usually done while exercising), I discovered that, true as my initial response to people was, it involved much more and included emotions and feeling at a much deeper level. This holistic look into my life revealed that for every unwanted gram I was carrying probably represented times and experiences in my life that I have regretted or wished never happened and those shoulda, coulda, woulda moments. Thoughts that inevitably saw me having a fine dining experience on takeaway something and a bottle of anything ….. classy I know!

Along the path I have met some lovely ladies who also inspire me to continue on my path. When I arrive at Curves at 6.30am the same group of people are usually always there. Most of us have bed hair, no makeup and are unaware of what each other is wearing. The atmosphere is welcoming with many opportunities for a giggle with the banter of some. The classes offered by Sue are equally enjoyable, nonjudgmental and challenging with equally lovely ladies. Monday morning I present myself at the scales looking forward to see that my lifestyle commitment is a reflection of the grams or kilos lost and that my weight loss goals are slowly being conquered.

This has been a raw and exposing revelation for a typically private person. If, however, my experiences can help others overcome similar barriers in achieving optimum wellness in mind, body and spirit through diet and exercise, sharing my journey will be worth it. Life is full of choices including the pathway taken for wellness and well-being. I chose the Curves path and am no longer looking back. To date I have lost 42kg, 30kg of body fat (16%) and 140cms since I started in August 2106.


I have been coming to Curves for nearly 7 years and was happy just coming along and working out. I started to have some medical problems around age 51 and started putting on weight. I had always eaten fairly well and was pretty active. No matter what I did I couldn't lose weight and the scale kept going up. Sue had talked to me about Curves Complete a few times but I didn't go onto it becauser I thought my diet was OK, so I just kept trying to lose weight on my own. I ended up having to have surgery and after the operation I had a bit of a breakdown and couldn’t get my head around things that were going on in my life and the fact I was still having trouble losing weight was just making it all worse. Sue encouraged me to keep going and with a few tweaks to the normal Curves routine (ie being given a leave pass from having a weigh in for a while), I kept at it.

A Curves Complete 12 week challenge came at the right time mentally for me, and after a bit more of a discussion about it I agreed to give it a shot. I was going to give 100% and Sue said she would make sure I did. I worked so hard at using the machines properly, joining in Body Basics circuits and keeping to the diet. I don't like weighing in but we agreed that Sue wouldn't tell me my results each week, instead just give me a thumbs up or down each week, and any advice she had for me along the way. As a result I achieved my goals while on the 12 week challenge and have now lost 15 kilos since January 2017.

The diet is very good and you can certainly change it around to suit yourself, the hours you work and what you can and can’t cook. I am not a cook, but the recipes I picked certainly worked for me and were easy and quick especially when I don’t get home until around 7pm each night.

The Body Basics circuits provide an added extra to going to Curves, and the other challenges that Sue throws at us every other month are good to join in too

Everyone should try Curves and some of the other circuits available, and even upgrade to Curves Complete if you need some extra help.


During my life there had been a pattern of weight gain due to a failed marriage, another failed relationship which left me to bringing up a young boy with autism and a death of a partner. Rather turn to drugs and alcohol I turned to food for comfort and a way to escape, or to obtain some pleasure in my life.

I tried Weight Watches, Jenny Craig, and Terry White but unfortunately they did not seem to work for me. I was desperate, I had heard about lap band surgery and decided that was for me. I did lose weight but it was not as fast as I had hoped and I could not eat a lot of different foods. I found that even the texture of food was a problem at times which caused me to vomit. I managed to lose over 20 kg and had hit a plateau. My weight started to go up again and I was scared of putting the weight I had lost.

I could see a pattern taking place and with my weight starting to increase, a lack of motivation was starting to set in. I was feeling depressed and had seen a couple of people who had the Lap Band Surgery put all the weight back on and more. I also knew a lady in the village who put so much weight on she was bedridden, ended up in a nursing home and died in her 70’s. I did not want that to be me. I needed support and motivation beside my family and I wanted to live so I could spend more time with my boyfriend, son, daughter and grandchildren and to enjoy my life again.

My son and daughter had also put a lot of weight on so I thought by me losing weight and getting fit and healthy I could be the encouragement they needed to improve their health as well.

I have increased my fitness levels dramatically, due to Zumba a few times a week, plus the Curves workout and walking 3 to 4 days a week.

I can go into a store and buy normal clothes size 14 (now that is an achievement).

Plus I am receiving compliments from family, work colleges and friends.

I am enjoying my life I feel more confident and more alive and more able to do things.

I was talking to my boyfriend and we were discussing some of the benefits I have experienced in losing weight and one was to be able to do my shoe laces up easily without my stomach getting in the road and to be able to bend down and pick up things with ease.

The doctor has taken me off the blood pressure tablets. I had my blood pressure checked at the clinic in Koorawatha from a clinic sister who had not seen me in a couple of years she was amazed at how well I am plus how good I look and commented on my skin tone being so good.

I mentioned I wanted to be a role model for my family as well. My boyfriend was a role model to me when he lost 20 kg. My son has lost 30 kg and my daughter has lost over 15 kg as well since I started my weight lost journey – and I have lost nearly 50kg, and thanks to Curves I am keeping it off this time!

Club News

BioAge Testing Available

BioAge is a unique calculation of your body's health age. Created by Professor Paul Taylor using the latest research, BioAge is the most accurate assessment of how old you really are. The result? A personalised action plan to get you HEALTHIER and YOUNGER!

Lifestyle has a huge impact on how our body ages. Knowing your BioAge means knowing what tweaks or changes you need to make to live a healthier, happier life.

Get your BioAge results and a report with info and tips on how to reduce your BioAge.


Protein Range Available

My Active Life protein range now at Curves. 

Protein shakes in Chocolate or Vanilla.

Snack bars available in Choc Caramel

Meal bars available in Nut Crunch or Superberry.

BioAge Testing Available

BioAge Testing available at Curves Young


Protein Range Available

Protein shakes and bars available at Curves Young


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