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A common complaint of women is that they just don’t have time to exercise. The Curves 30 Minute Complete Workout provides the solution.

What is Curves?

Curves is a womens only gym for all ages.

Our hydraulic resistance strength training machines allow you to perform cardiovascular and strength training at the same time. Our program is designed to ensure that the joint/muscle groups worked are strengthened in both directions ensuring body balance, safety, and a complete and effective workout all in 30 minutes.
You need not to rush to a class or worry about a schedule. When you show up your workout begins. 

At Curves Wanniassa we pride ourselves on the service and support we provide to our members. Curves is not only a gym, it’s a community of like-minded women all wanting the same outcome, better health and well-being. The one thing that is certain, you are never alone at Curves!

We welcome you to come in anytime for a free tour or a trial.

We are conveniently located at the Wanniassa Shops at Sangster Place, on the corner of Rylah Cres and Langdon Avenue Wanniassa in Tuggeranong .Curves is located at the front strip opposite the childrens park.


Curves Wanniassa

Units 19 & 25, Sangster Place,
Wanniassa, Australian Capital Territory, 2903

📞 6296 7415

06:15AM - 11:30AM, 02:00PM - 07:30PM
06:15AM - 11:30AM, 02:00PM - 07:30PM
06:15AM - 11:30AM, 02:00PM - 07:30PM
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Bridget Northcote

Curves Junior Coach

Chris Conway- Owner

Certificate 3 in Fitness and Curves Cleveland Clinic Certification

Jan Dachs- Curves Coach

Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness & Curves Cleveland Clinic Certification

Christina Margaritis- Curves Coach

Certificate 3 in Fitness- & Curves Cleveland Clinic Certification

Kim Taylor- Curves Coach

Curves Cleveland Clinic Certification

Meghan Walker- Senior Curves Coach

Curves Cleveland Clinic Certification


Meghan Walker ( Curves Coach and former member)

I joined curves back in October 2011. I was in a bad place in my life, school was hard I got bullied about my weight and was really down on myself. I lost all my friends and thought I had nothing left.

Then one day mum and I walked past Curves Wanniassa, we ran into an old friend that went to Curves so we asked what was in there? She explained, so mum and I went home and googled it!

The following day we decided to go in and see what it was like, and we joined that day!

I met Christina and Jane, they really helped and pushed me on the circuit. With the motivation and support from them, mum and I were more focused than ever to lose weight so I could feel happier within myself. This was the beginning of my weight loss journey.

One afternoon Christina ran into my mum and said Chris Conway (the owner) was looking for a staff member, I met with “Big” Chris and Wendy and I got the job.

The staff were very supportive and helped me with the training involved to become a Curves trainer and Curves Complete weight management coach, I started to believe I could be happy again.

Doing workouts 3-5 x a week, the help of Curvessmart and the knowledge of Curves Complete, I learnt what I needed to do to lose the weight.

So here I am now happier than ever! I have lost 12.8 kilos and 73 cm, my body fat is sitting on 12.1%.

Curves has been the best thing for me, and seeing all the members each day keeps me motivated. Seeing the members all smile and do well pushes me to keep going. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of my mother and all my lovely friends/staff members! Couldn't thank them enough :)

Ann Prunty Reaching her 1000 Workouts target on World Ovarian Cancer Day

Hi Chris

I wanted to thank you and all the girls for your encouragement and help in ensuring I FINALLY managed greens (twice) and now the 1000 visits. There is no way that I could have done it without your help.

I am constantly grateful for the encouragement, love and practical support of all the trainers, particularly as I was struggling on some of the machines.

Yesterday was World Ovarian Cancer day and it did not escape my attention that I managed all greens - and it was an 80% day!!! You may have heard on the news that it has now been recommended that all people undergoing chemotherapy should have an exercise regime and I would be the first to recommend Curves be part, if not all, of that regime.

Words cannot express my gratitude to you and the team for the huge part you have played in my recovery. Thank you for the certificate, beautiful flowers and t shirt - I will wear it with pride.

Love and God bless


Dale Martin took a jump to raise money for Breast Cancer and celebrated 10 years cancer free!!

Naomi Cole

first joined Curves in 2009 and have really enjoyed the friendship and exercise sessions that have become part of my weekly routine. I love the fact that it only takes 30 minutes. After each workout I am pleased I went especially on the days “I don’t feel like it’.
The sessions help me to keep me balanced and the frustrations of the day are not so frustrating, and the stresses and strains are not as big at the end of the workout.
In 2017 I decided to start Curves Complete to shed 5 kilos. I began in February and by the end of the year much to my amazement had lost 10 kilos. If it hadn’t been for the constant encouragement of Chris Meghan and the rest of the staff who coached me all the way I don’t think I would have achieved my goal and surpassed it. They praised an encouraged me even if I had lost only a few hundred grams in a week and were always positive. A year later and I have maintained my goal weight by just eating sensibly and occasionally lashing out.
Over the years I have watched many others enjoy the same success as I have and are grateful to Chris and the team for their welcome smiles, constant cheerfulness and ever-changing routines that make workouts all the more fun with many giggles and laughs along the way.
Thanks Chris and the Curves team

Club News

Pelvic Floor Health Seminar

At Curves we often have presentations for our members in regards to womens health.

It was an informative 90 minutes about Pelvic Floor along with some sit down exercises . 

What is Bioage?


 BioAge is a measurement of a person's 'real' or 'biological' age telling a member how well they are performing for their years, and provides members with a means of showing their progress beyond what they see in the mirror (lowered heart-rate/blood pressure/fitness etc.)

BioAge tests are carried out by a Curves coach who measures how a member performs across a number of tests. The current test measures include:

• Metabolic: Blood Pressure, Waist: Height Ratio

• Physical: 1-Leg Balance, Chair Squat, Sit and Reach, Core Endurance

• Behavioural: Nutrition, Stress, Alcohol, Smoking

 Results are then inputted into the BioAge online software and calculated based on population norms. A summary report is then generated giving the member information on how they performed in each test vs their chronological age, highlighting strengths and areas of improvement that can be factored into their program design.

Pelvic Floor Health Seminar

Presented by Ellen Ayling from Elevate Women's Heath


What is Bioage?

A common complaint of women is that they just don’t have time to exercise. The Curves 30 Minute Complete Workout provides the solution.


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