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Curves Sutherland is located at 1/39 Eton St Sutherland, on the corner of Eton street and Flora street and in close proximity to Sutherland train station.

Curves Sutherland

1/39 Eton Street,
Sutherland, New South Wales, 2232

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Whether your goals are improving fitness, building strength, enhancing your health and well-being or weight loss, Curves Sutherland can help you achieve them!

Get fit at Curves Sutherland

The Curves 30 minute circuit is a full body circuit workout combining cardio exercise and strength training on machines designed for women of all ages. Alternatively, try a high-intensity class with one of our qualified instructors such as Metafit, Cardio Combo, Cardio Boxing, Zumba, Piloxing or Power Half Hour. From Balance to classes focusing on core, legs and arms, you'll find a workout to fit your schedule and fitness level in a safe, supportive environment. Contact Curves Sutherland for the most up to date timetable andjoin the Curves Sutherland facebook pagefor updates.

Get healthy at Curves Sutherland

Our comprehensive weight loss program, Curves Complete, is designed to help you see results quickly! Curves Complete is an upgraded membership that incorporates customisable meal plans, exercise plans and one-on-one weekly coaching sessions with a qualified Curves Complete Coach. Check out the "Success" tab above to hear from some of our Curves Complete members.

Curves Sutherland also has an extensive nutrition range, ensuring you can complement your fitness routine with health food products.

Get motivated at Curves Sutherland

At Curves Sutherland you are supported to achieve your best results by a team of helpful and knowledgeable coaches:



Co-owner, Cert 3 and IV Fitness, Curves Complete Coach, Wellness Coach, Dip Weight Loss.


Co-owner, Cert IV Fitness, Curves Complete Coach, Wellness Coach, Dip Weight Loss.


Cert III Fitness,Curves Complete Coach, Pilates, Zumba,Jungle Body Konga,and Piloxing Instructor.


Cert III Fitness, Curves Complete Coach, Metafit Instructor, Nutritionist. Studying Naturopathy


Cert 3 and IV Fitness, Curves Complete Coach, Metafit and Beat Pilates Instructor


Cert IV Fitness, Curves Complete Coach, Dip Weight Loss, Boxing and Beat Pilates Instructor.


Circuit Coach and studying Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation.


Circuit Coach and Zumba Instructor

As a team we pride ourself on our passion for peoples health and wellbeing, and our personalised approach to weightloss and fitness.. We value each and every one of our members and endevour to support, encourage and motivate them to reach their fitness and weightloss goals.


With supportive and qualified coaches, proven programs and membership options to suit your lifestyle and goals, we can help you achieve your goals. Check out what some of our members have to say about reaching their weight loss, fitness and health goals at Curves Sutherland.

Erin S

Meet Erin. In just eight months at Curves Sutherland, she has lost an amazing 14.9kgs, 83cms and 6.7% bodyfat.

What is your favourite thing about Curves Sutherland?

It's not hard to lose weight when you get to come into Curves and see everyone's smiling, friendly faces. The encouraging staff make you want to visit the gym - Leah's Metafit, Jacq's Zumba and Kerri's Wednesday Workout in particular are amazing. The Curves Complete meal plan is so easy to follow and it provides a lot of alternate options if you need to swap a meal or if you're out and about. Extremely convenient!

Stacey Y

Stacey's Story

I have been a member at Curves Sutherland since October 2009.

I came into Curves in late October 2015, and had decided it was time to quit. I was unmotivated and going nowhere fast.

I thought I was doing all the right things to lose weight, I was eating well (or so I thought) and coming to Curves 3 times a week but no matter what I tried, I seemed to just get bigger, heavier and further in a black hole of self loathing.

Luckily for me, Kerri was at Curves on that afternoon and I guess she must have seen how broken I was. As I had already paid my membership for another month, Kerri asked me if I would be willing to let her make me her project. I figured I had nothing to lose so I agreed to sign up for Curves Complete with Kerri as my coach.
It has turned out to be the best decision I could have made.
Kerri was so encouraging and understanding, I really responded to her way of coaching, it was like finally someone understood how to motivate me. I could not have done this without her.

With Kerri's encouragement, I attended some classes in the evenings. I had always avoided the classes as I didn't think I would be able to keep up and would feel stupid, but they are so fun and I was never made to feel anything but encouraged!

It has now been 18 months since I got serious about myself and my health, and to date I have lost and kept off 15 kilos and reduced my body measurements by over 80cm.

I am finally able to look at myself in the mirror without cringing or crying. I no longer dread social nights out with my friends, as in the past, the photos that would come from these outings would horrify me, now I am the first to step forward with a super pose!

I am happier, calmer and feel like myself again. I have more energy than ever before and my friends, family and work colleagues have told me that they have noticed a massive difference in my moods and temperament.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for what Kerri and the entire Curves Sutherland team have done for me.
Every coach at Curves Sutherland has been amazing and has played a part in my transformation. I wouldn't swap any of them!

Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

Kendall H

Meet Kendall. Since joining Curves, Kendall has lost an amazing 19.6 kgs, 102 cms and 10.1% body fat.

How did you reach your goal?

When the word obese was mentioned, that shocked me into action. Joining Curves was the best decision i ever made. It has not been a perfectly smooth road. I have given up a few times and put on some weight in between losing but I have managed to lose 20kgs over a 2 year period by always returning to Curves and healthy eating.

Sharon H

Meet Sharon. Sharon lost 105cms, 24.6kgs and 9.6% body fat.

How did you reach your goal?

I came to Curves in May 2011 just before I reached 100kgs on the scale. I lost 6 kgs just by adding the Curves workouts to my new life but I knew I needed to change my eating habits as well. I started Curves Complete in 2012 and I wished I had done it earlier! I am so much fitter and I have bought new clothes which is great. My goal was to get to size 14 jeans and was able to buy size 13!! Curves complete is so easy to follow, the food is nice and the plan includes heaps of choices and variety. Meeting with my coach every week also helped me to stay on track. I also encouraged my dad, aged 73, to make a lifestyle change with me. Following some of the Curves Complete plan, he lost 17kgs!

Laraine D

Congratulations Laraine on your fantastic Curves Complete Results! After 12 weeks on the Program with her Coach Elyse she has lost 6.7 kilos and feels healthier and stronger!
Laraine is 64 years young and didn't think it was possible...she is so pleased with her results and her partner can't believe the changes happened so quickly.
She worked out 3 times a week at Curves, met with Elyse weekly and followed the CC eating plan. She enjoyed the variety and all the healthy snacks on offer. Laraine also said how easy it was to follow and how great her Coach was. You look amazing Laraine well done and thanks for inspiring others!

Lisa B

Meet Lisa. Since joining Curves Sutherland, Lisa has lost 129cms, 20.5kgs and 6% body fat.

Why did you join Curves?

It wasn’t until I saw a photo of me taken on New Year’s Eve 2011 that I realised exactly how big I actually was. Seeing the photo made me realise that I needed to make a change, not to go on a diet but make a lifestyle change. It’s all about changing the way you live and not putting in short term fixes. I had heard that Curves was a great 30 minute workout and at first I didn’t believe that I only had to come and exercise for 30 minutes. I thought that this was too good to be true but as you can see from my results 30 minutes 3-4 times per week is all it takes.

How did you reach your goal?

I've been eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big meals, I've been wearing a pedometer to make sure I get over 10,000 steps a day, I drink at least 2L of water a day, plan weekly meals and prepare in advance and I come to the gym 3 to 4 times per week!

What is your favourite thing about Curves Sutherland?

The Curves team and members make it easier because everyone is so friendly. It’s amazing the difference a personal touch makes – the Curves staff know all members by name.

Barbara S

Since joining Curves 3 years ago, Barbara has lost 7.8kgs 39.5cms

What has Barbara Gained from Curves?

"In February I participated in the Huskisson Triathlon in the 50-59 age group. This was a 200m ocean swim, an 8km bike ride and a 2km run. I finished in 59 minutes! There is no way I would have had the confidence to attempt a Triathlon without the strength and fitness I have gained over the past 3 years at Curves Sutherland. I did no other training except for one swim and bike ride to make sure I still could! I also did a few runs. My plan was to finish even if it took me all day so 59 minutes was great!! Anything is possible with a healthy body!!" Barbra

Martina K

Since Joining Curves, Martina has lost an amazing 33.8kgs, 141cms and 15% body fat.

Our Top Weight Loss Winner for 2016- Well done Martina

Fiona L

Fiona was the Winner of our 12 Week Challenge with a weight loss percentage of 14.64% over the 12 Weeks.

She lost a total of 10.6kgs, 56cms and 7.7% body fat.

These results were achieved by following the Curves Complete program, daily walks and regular Curves workouts.

She looks fit, toned and fabulous!

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