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Curves Seymour

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06:30AM - 11:30AM
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06:30AM - 11:30AM
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Curves is a fitness and weight loss centre especially designed for women, where we combine exercise, meal plans and coaching all in the one place.

Curves Fitness offers a fun, fast and convenient way to exercise. Our members enjoy a total body workout in just 30 minutes.   The latest introduction to the Curves circuit are our Body Basic Circuits.  These 30 minute workouts offer an exciting twist to the traditional 30 minute Curves Circuit. Variations include “Awesome Abs, Cardio, Stretch and Balance, Legs and Arms

Curves Complete is a three-part-plan for weight loss that combines exercise with the added benefits of personalised meal plans and one-on-one in club Coaching with a Curves Coach..  You can loose up to 10kg in just 90 days.  A Curves Complete member can also interact with other Curves Complete members around the world through our dedicated online portal. 

 There are many reasons women love Curves.  .  When a member joins Curves, they join our family.  Our boutique clubs foster a community of like-minded members who support each other along their fitness and weight loss journeys.  Plus with a Curves Coach at every circuit, to teach and motivate, our members never feel alone as they progress through their journey - knowing you’re in good compamy makes yourjourney to better health and fitness more enjoyable , more rewarding and more fun.  Making real lifestyle changes is so much easier when you have the support and encouragement. 


Owner / Circuit Coach


Circuit Coach


Circuit Coach


Circuit Coach


I’m so thankful for the confidence & happiness I now enjoy thanks to my Curves Complete journey. 

 I’m excited to be able to wear any clothes that I want to wear and I am really enjoying being fit and healthy and I’ve enjoyed meeting   some really nice people and I love the music at Curves.

Exercise and eating healthy is a part of my lifestyle now.  I park away from the shops  so that I can walk further. It’s in-built now!



When Lyn first came to Curves she had a mission - to lose 10 kg in 90 days, so we introduced her to Curves Complete and she has never looked back. 

Each week she would come in for her 10 minute coaching session with a copy of her modified eating plan, her pedometer and loads of enthusiasm.

Not every week went according to  plan, however  we would work together and we gave  Lyn the tools in the coaching sessions a to recover from any  road blocks.  We would set 2 realistic mini goals for Lyn to achieve the following week.  Lyn always looked  forward to the next weeks coaching session and challenges.  

Lyn worked out 3 – 4 times each week and  increased  her daily steps by 500 per day each week.  

Lyn looks fantastic and we are so proud of her hard work and dedication. 



Sharnie’s dedicated to the programme was inspirational. Sharnie did not miss a single coaching session and followed the programme and overcame many obstacle’s along the way. At times daily life challenges made things tough and quite difficult, but the ease of the programme helped immensely. Thank you Sharnie. You showed us that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible!

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