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Our lovely gym is for sale for two more weeks then it will close down! If you would like to take advantage of our amazing equipment, wonderful location and steady membership base please ring today! We have a unique, boutique style gym located in the beautiful Oaks Pacific Blue Resort in Salamander Bay. Enjoy the tropical gardens and modern styling with onsite parking, air conditioning and cafe' adjacent, you won't want to workout in an industrial warehouse again! Curves members enjoy circuit access, body basic circuits, Curvessmart electronic coaching, meal plans and regular coaching reviews. You will also be able to access a heated lap pool, resort gym, steam room and shower. And you have a circuit coach to teach and motivate you at every workout. If you are interested in buying our club please contact Curves.com/buycurves or call us on 0249844555

Curves Salamander Bay

265 Sandy Point Road Shop 2 Lot 99,
Salamander Bay, New South Wales, 2317

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06:30AM - 10:30AM, 02:30PM - 06:00PM
06:30AM - 10:30AM, 02:30PM - 06:00PM
06:30AM - 10:30AM, 02:30PM - 06:00PM
06:30AM - 10:30AM, 02:30PM - 06:00PM
06:30AM - 10:30AM, 02:30PM - 06:00PM
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Curves in Port Stephens is now in one of the most exclusive and beautiful locations in the region. Your visit to our club is an experience where you can enjoy getting fit, losing weight and making friends. It's the Curves you always wanted and more! Our staff are here to assist you to achieve your goals. Our amazing club is for Sale! If you or anyone you know is interested please contact Tracy 0249844555.

Tracy Transton


Courtney Crone

Circuit Coach

Rianan Cook

Circuit Coach


We are very proud of the success that our members achieve. Not everyone wants or needs to lose weight but the program of combining strength training, cardio, stretching and the meal plans lends itself to better health and utimately, less body fat and an increase in muscle mass. Strengthening muscle mass ensures better weight loss management. 

Here some of our members share their success!

Robyn Spencer

"When I started this journey with Curves Port Stephens I had just retired. I was overweight and very unfit, feeling sluggish and generally unwell. The result of years as a Professional Events Manager and Teacher with no life balance, I suspect! I had to take charge of the health aspect of my life and do something positive for myself.

Little did I realise at the time how much the Curves Complete program would contribute to my transformation.

Following the Curves Complete meal plans and guidelines plus completing 100 workouts to date the results speak for themselves! In 6 months I have lost 16 kilos, 45.5cms and 4.8% body fat. As well as the meal planning and Curves workouts, I walk 4-5 km 5 days and play golf two days per week.

I feel great and have regained my health, vitality and energy. This is a way of life for me now.

A special thanks must go to Tracy, Ruth and Sophie for their constant encouragment and support throughout this journey. Without their support I am sure I would not have achieved the results I have. "

Rob Spencer. 4th June 2018

Danette Sanderson

Danette Sanderson joined July 2015

“Four years ago I gave up smoking—YAY! Consequently I put on some weight which soon led to the aggravation of an old back injury. Medical investigations found I had a degenerative disc in my lower back. I found myself coming home from working in a child care centre, needing to take painkillers and contemplating a new career. This was depressing me as I love my job. I found I couldn’t do my regular workout at a mainstream gym because of the pain. As a last ditch attempt, I joined Curves. The first time Tracy took me around I almost cried. I could work the machines with no pain. Using the hydraulic resistance machines I was able to still feel the benefit of muscles strengthening but with little risk of injury. I could do it at my own pace and gradually increase intensity as I got stronger. Two years later and my back is 80% better! I’m still employed and an early childhood educator. I don’t need painkillers and my quality of life is better than ever. The support from the wonderful staff and also the other ladies, has helped to encourage, build me up and keep me positive. So much so I call them my “Curves Family”. Thank you Curves!”

Suzy Crompton

“I rejoined Curves Port Stephens at the end of June 2017 and it was the best decision I could have possibly made. Over time I had gained weight and this played on my mind and wellbeing, constantly—I kept procrastinating about doing something—”I’ll start on Monday” etc. Then KAPOW! I rejoined Curves and took on the 12 week “R U Serious” Challenge. You bet I was serious and it has worked a treat. In the 12 weeks I lost 7.62 kilos and I feel fabulous! The Curves Complete program has made it so easy to follow the meal plans, shop and generally be inspired by the video clips and tips. My measurements and body fat levels have naturally also decreased—I love shopping for clothes again!.

I set myself a goal to lose 10kgs and I’m over half way there. Once I hit the 10 kilo jackpot I will set a further goal until I reach my ideal weight for a healthy BMI. My doctor is happy that my cholesterol levels have dropped and my general health improves daily.

Thank you to Tracy and her team; Ruth, Sophie and Courtney for your constant professional support and motivation. You are all making my journey so much easier. Under your ownership and professional management, Tracy, it’s a joy to be an active member of Curves Port Stephens. Bring on the next challenge!”

Sally Rae

Sally Rae has been a member of Curves since May 2006.

“I’ve been a member of Curves for over 11 years and have enjoyed each one, including 18 months working as a Curves Coach when Tracy first opened the club at Oaks Pacific Blue Resort in 2014. After a difficult period of ill health recently I gained a lot of weight. Trace, the staff and members have all supported my goal to regain my fitness and to lose the weight!. I chose to enter into the “R U Serious?” Weight Loss Challenge that started in July. With my challenge buddy, Charm and going back onto my Curves Complete meal plans I have lost 2.59ks, 1.5% body fat (2.32kgs of body fat) so far! The challenge requires me to workout at least 3 times per week and complete more than 8000 steps per day proving the combination of fitness and meal plans work! I’m looking forward to attaining my goal of being in a healthy BMI range by the end of the challenge. So 8 more weeks to go! I know that I can do it with the support from my coaches, my challenge buddy and all the girls at Curves. Makes getting fit and losing weight easier.”

In total Sally lost 9.29kgs during the challenge.

Susan Tanzer

Susan Tanzer started at Curves in November 2016 and has lost 6.79kgs, 3.9% body fat and 43.5 cms. Check out that amazing smile!

“I have lived in the heart of Sydney for the past 17 years and on my husband’s retirement we made the decision to settle down in Port Stephens. Although we have been coming up to The Bay for over 8 years and liked the area very much, we did not get to know many people. My decision to join Curves came about due to my medical situation: type 2 diabetes. The local GP strongly suggested that I commence a strict diet and do plenty of exercise. I learned about Curves from my neighbour and decided to take the plunge! So with fear and trepidation I approached Curves and joined in November 2016. Since then it has been my “saving grace” and the result being that I have gained good strength as well as weight loss. I am off my medication that I had been on for years and this is on the condition that I retain my present weight, follow my diet and continue with my exercise program. I am extremely delighted with my progress and it is all due to Curves. An added bonus has been that I have met some wonderful ladies who have been helpful towards me. Also I was helped by the inspiration of the dedicated team at Curves; the manager Tracy and her staff: Ruth, Sophie and Courtney. I will continue to push the boundaries because I have experienced the benefits that can be achieved at Curves.” Sue Tanzer 26/6/17.

Marianne Spruyt

Marianne started with Curves 8/8/2008 weighing in at 73.06kg, having already lost about 25kg! Marianne today weighs in at 60kgs and has maintained that weight since March 2013. Marianne has completed 1279 workouts, lost 12.44kg (8kgs body fat) and 89.92 cms! Her BMI and body fat are now in the normal range. Here is her story;

“I have just turned 70. Some people have exclaimed “Wow! You don’t look it!” Now my answer to that is “That is because I am a Curves girl!” and tell them the benefits of regular exercise and the support and encouragement you get at Curves. Many friendships built over more than 9 years have helped me to maintain my membership through thick and thin! My journey started after I moved to the Bay. My husband of over 40 years passed away 2 weeks after and I knew no one. My neighbour opposite was a member and encouraged me to join and it has been one of the best things I could have done. I also had a weight problem following a very difficult menopause and gained over 40 kgs. I had never been overweight before and found that and having nursed my husband for over 2 years, very difficult. But with guidance and support from the girls and staff at Curves and the workable meal plans, weekly coaching and regular exercise I soon reached my goal and have maintained it since! I attend regularly but have been able to have time off for medical reasons and am now getting back to my usual fitness level. Thanks to all the staff and friends I have made along the way. Thank you Curves! ” Marianne.

Marianne is always supportive and happy to share her knowledge to all. She continues to build strength and keep her weight under control. And she does look amazing for 70! We hope we have the energy and verve this gorgeous lady does at her age! Tracy, Ruth, Sophie and Courtney. (Curves staff).

Kate Fraser

Joined Curves 21.7.2016. Weight loss 6.49kgs, 3.5% body fat loss and 18.5 cm’s loss.

“Since retirement in 2007 and moving to Salamander Bay from Dubbo in 2009, the weight started to creep on! Even though I walked for one to one and a half hours a day the scales kept going up. I did, on a few occasions, contemplate going to a gym but could not bring myself to go in to make enquiries. I had visions of all these trim, tanned and terrific people in their designer active wear making exercise look fun and so easy. I thought of what I would have looked like and thought no, never will I do that. In about May this year, after returning from an overseas trip, I was desperate as all my clothes were starting to get too tight and I knew buying new clothes was not the answer. My sister, Donna, who lived in Parkes was going to her local Curves Gym and had lost about 5 kilos in no time at all. I thought if she can do it, so can I!. In July I joined Curves at Salamander Bay and have not looked back. I have been made to feel so welcome by Tracy, her staff and all the ladies at Curves. It is incredible. Staff are always right there with tips and encouragement to help keep me on track. I still can’t believe how easy the programme is. I am currently on Curves Complete and if you stick to the meal plan and exercise at Curves regularly the weight just comes off. Personally, I feel so much better in myself and friends and family are all telling me how much happier I am and how good I am looking again!. I really look forward to my daily visit to Curves and I am finding I don’t feel as good on the days I can’t attend. The other great benefit is seeing and meeting other ladies on the same healthy lifestyle journey. I just wish I had found Curves ten years ago!!”

Gail Rogers

In August this year, I decided it was time to do something about my weight. My clothes were becoming tighter and I didn’t want to have to get a new wardrobe!

Several years ago I attended Curves when it was located in the shopping centre so when I decided to start exercising again the choice was easy. I had enjoyed Curves previously and I love the flexibility of being able to exercise at a time convenient to me rather than attend classes. Since starting back at Curves I have found Tracy and all her staff absolutely fantastic in encouraging me to achieve my goals. Tracy has been so helpful with suggestions for my meal plans and activities. So far I have lost 4.63kg and my BMI is now back in the normal range. Personally I feel much better too. I have done this without radical changes to my lifestyle! I still enjoy a wine and also other “treats:” I am just more mindful of what and when I eat and drink. I amthoroughly enjoying being back at Curves and I look forward to attending as often as possible.”

Gail Rogers Re-joined Curves 3rd August 2016.Lost 4.63kg, 25cm and 3% body fat as at 29/11/2016.

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