Welcome to Curves Rosebud

Welcome to Curves Rosebud! 

We are all about FITNESS FOR WOMEN of All Ages, All Shapes, All Fitness Levels.  If your Goal is Weight Loss, Strength, Flexibility, Stress Relief, Pain Management or General Fitness Curves Rosebud has a Program to suit you.

We have a great range of Body Basic Circuits that you are sure to enjoy plus a welcoming envrionment, yes "It's great to be at Curves".  We are here to support & encourage you as you kick start a happier, healthier lifestyle. Boost your energy and wellness at Curves Rosebud & be a part of the wonderful Curves community.

Our Team of Fitness Professionals are here to help you reach your Individual Health and Fitness Goals.

The Curves circuit is an efficient full body workout. In just 30 minutes, you work every major muscle group and can burn up to 2000 kilojoules (478 calories) through a proven programme of strength training, cardio, and stretching. 

We encourage you to book in for a No Obligation Consultation and Complimentary Workout by calling (03)5982 0035 or drop in and see us.  We are located at 875 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud, next to Rosebud Healthfood Store.

See you on the circuit,

Tracy - Owner, Curves Curves on the bay Rosebud

Curves Rosebud

Shop 4, 875 Point Nepean Road,
Rosebud, VIC, 3939

📞 3 5982 0035

06:00AM - 11:30AM, 02:30PM - 06:45PM
06:00AM - 11:00AM, 02:30PM - 06:45PM
06:00AM - 11:30AM, 02:30PM - 06:45PM
06:00AM - 11:00AM, 02:30PM - 06:45PM
06:00AM - 11:30AM, 02:30PM - 06:00PM
08:00AM - 11:15AM


We understand how hectic life can be. Making time for your health, fitness and maintaining your strength by fitting in regular workouts can be tough. But with the Curves circuit, 30 minutes is all you need. In just 30 minutes, you work every major muscle group through a proven program of strength training, cardio and stretching.  In addition, you’ll always keep your workouts fresh with your choice of a variety of Body Basic Circuits, including Boxing, Dance & Tone, Zumba and Yoga to name a few.

Our Curves Coaches  are  there to lead you through every circuit. You’ll never feel alone or wonder if you’re doing things right. They  will keep you motivated and ensure you get the very best from your Curves workouts.  
If weightloss is your goal, we have a wonderful program called curves complete. Curves Complete meal plans give you easy delicious recipes you can cook at home, with lots of choice and flexibility to fit you, your family and your lifestyle. The Curves Complete Online Portal makes it so easy with a weekly meal plan, personalised menu, printable shopping lists and recipes, plus simple guidelines for takeaway or eating out.
Our Coaches and members are a wonderful community of women who quickly become friends on the circuit. We support one  another in our personal health and fitness goals, and encourage each other to take the small steps that lead to a healthy lifestyle. 


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The Team

Curves Rosebud is more than just a gym, it is a community of women who support, motivate and inspire one another to achieve better health, wellbeing gain strength at Curves and beyond. Find out why so many women have kept Curves Rosebud as part of their routine for over 10 years.


There are so many success stories to be told from the Members at Curves Rosebud.  Not only Weightloss Journey's but improvement in health and lifestyle.  Curves is not just about weightloss it is also about on going happieness and building a healthy future for all the members.


Laura had tried many diets but nothing would work, so decided to dedicate herself to the 12 week Challenge at Curves Rosebud; and within the first 3 weeks she felt lighter, fitter, healthier and happier. This has now become a new way of life for her, so much so thatshe has been studying to become a coach to help others on their journey. Laura committed to her 12 Week Challenge and the results speak for themselves; she lost and amazing 78cms and 13.95 Kilos. We are so proud of Laura's hard work and dedication.

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We have load of fun at Curves Rosebud, with plenty of activities happening throughout the year. 

Miss Muddy 2015

Miss Muddy 2015

Breast Cancer fundraiser 2015

Breast Cancer fundraiser 2015

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