Welcome to Curves Morisset

Welcome to Curves Morisset, you will find us across from the Morisset Square, the Coles complex.

There is free street parking outside the club on Yambo St or around the corner on Bridge Street. You can call us on 4970 4182

The town is named for Major James Thomas Morisset, who camped there in 1823 while making the overland journey from Sydney to Newcastle.

There are local buses available click here for a timetable


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Curves Morisset

20 Yambo Street,
Morisset, New South Wales, 2264

📞 02 4970 4182

06:30AM - 11:30AM, 03:00PM - 07:00PM
06:30AM - 11:30AM, 03:00PM - 07:00PM
06:30AM - 11:30AM, 03:00PM - 07:00PM
06:30AM - 11:30AM, 03:00PM - 07:00PM
06:30AM - 11:30AM, 03:00PM - 07:00PM
08:00AM - 11:00AM


Hello and Welcome to Curves Morisset!

I’m Christine Ducker the owner of Curves Morisset for the past 8 years and I am very passionate about women’s health and fitness. Our focus is you, the whole you. Your mental, physical, your family, your business.  All aspects of your life, we support you.  

I believe when we educate women on their own health and fitness; we educate the family.

At Curves Morisset we proudly network with many local businesses and support local community events and charities.

We focus on women’s health and fitness, where we provide a friendly, safe, supportive and non-threatening environment for women of all ages and for all fitness and health levels.  Our Curves Complete program combines weight loss success, fitness training and your own personal Coach to keep you on track.  It’s all under one roof, have fun with our Specialty Circuits, including Box and Tone and Yoga Balance, TAI CHI and our new circuit BALLET!

Buying Curves Morisset was the best decision I ever made, for my own health and the knowledge I have gained helps me help the health of others. I was sick and I knew I needed a change. Personally, I have gone from an uncomfortable size 14 to a comfortable size 10. Improving my gut health has also helped with going through menopause as I move towards my mid 50’s. As one of our lovely members recently said, “I wish I had found Curves Morisset earlier, this is a hidden little secret”. Well, the secret is out and we would love for you to be a part of it!

Together with wonderful staff, we would like to invite you to our club for a no obligation FREE tour and fitness assessment where one of our friendly team will explain our programs. Please feel free to contact us on 4970 4182 or book online directly from this site or ‘like’ our  Curves Morisset Facebook page so you can get all our club updates.

We look forward to seeing you at Curves Morisset soon!

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do Today



'You get a professional, relaxed, social and supportive environment, enabling you to reach your full potential. That being; education about health, fitness and the knowledge to make the right choices, for yourself and your family.'

We are strengthening women, inside and out! At Curves Morisset we offer the complete package. Fitness, Meal Plans and Coaching all in ONE place.

Whether your goals are improving fitness, building strength, enhancing your health and well-being or weight loss, Curves Morisset can help you achieve them all!

Get fit at Curves Morisset

The Curves 30-minute circuit is a full body circuit workout combining cardio exercise and strength training on machines designed for women of all ages. Alternatively, try our high-intensity circuits with one of our qualified trainers such as Cardio, Combo, Box and Tone, Dance and Tone and more... From Balance to circuits focusing on core, legs and arms, you'll find a workout to fit your schedule and fitness level in a safe, supportive environment. Contact Curves Morisset for the most up to date timetable and join the  Curves Morisset Facebook page  for updates.

Get healthy at Curves Morisset

Our comprehensive weight-loss management program, Curves Complete, is designed to help you see results quickly! Curves Complete is an upgraded membership that incorporates customisable meal plans, exercise plans and one-on-one weekly coaching sessions with a qualified Curves Complete Coach. Check out the "Success" tab above to read from some of our Curves Complete members.

Curves Morisset also has an extensive nutrition range, ensuring you can complement your fitness routine with health food products.

Get motivated at Curves Morisset

At Curves Morisset you are supported to achieve your best results by a team of helpful and knowledgeable coaches.


Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker ~ Owner/Manager Curves Coach, Certificate III in Fitness, Cleveland Clinic

Alison Bolakis

Alison Bolakis ~ Curves Coach, Cleveland Clinic

Annika Enderborg

Annika Enderborg ~ Curves Coach, Cleveland Clinic

Debbie Griffiths

Debbie Griffiths - Curves Coach, Cleveland Clinic

At Curves Morisset our team pride ourselves on our passion for peoples health and wellbeing, and our personalised approach to weight management and fitness. We value each and every one of our members and endeavour to support, encourage and motivate them to reach their fitness and weight goals.

 Our Big Audacious Goal…

Because of you, we know Curves Morisset is the best club in NSW

You’ve told us that. Just as visitors from other Curves clubs, and club owners too, have said the same. And thanks to you - and members like you - we’re the only Curves club ever to be nominated for the Australian Franchisee of the Year Award.

There’s no doubt about it. Curves Morisset is leading the way. Every day, you show other women what it’s like to be strong, healthy and confident. You should be proud of all you’ve accomplished.

So, should we stop there? No way! Let’s make 2019 our year and show women everywhere:

Curves Morisset is Australia’s No. 1 club for
women’s health and fitness.

We call it our Big Audacious Goal (BAG). Will you help us get there?

Our commitment to you
We can’t reach our BAG without you. So, this year we’ll help you to be stronger and healthier than you’ve ever been. We’re passionate about offering you the best support in a women’s-focused health and fitness program. Our team are there to: 

Build a program just for you

When it comes to your health and fitness, we’re in this together. Let’s meet every month to talk about your own big goals and how we can help you get where you want to be. 

Coach you to achieve fabulous results

We’ll always be there to help you have a safe, effective workout.  We’ll help you strive for great form on every machine, so you’ll be the strongest and healthiest you can be. 

Encourage you to work out more often

Record your workouts in the new Curves Morisset work-out journal. To reach your strength potential, work out for 30 minutes, 3-4 times per week. We’ll be there to help you do that. 

Continue to support and motivate you

At Curves, you’re never alone. We’re as deeply invested in your success as you are. It’s a partnership and together, we’ll help you reach your personal best.


In 2019 let’s get it in the BAG and become the
Best Curves Club in Australia.



Subway Morisset
Show your Curves sign-on tag at Subway for 20% discount on your next order,Morisset store only.





What is Success? 

Success can mean so many different things. Overcoming a health or mental issue. Getting that great job. Being capable of tying your shoelaces and even cutting your own toe nails! Whatever YOUR goal, health must be at the top ofyour list.  Without our health there cannot be happiness! So where to next? 

So who do you know that is successful? Cathy Freeman? Your favourite footballer? Delta Goodrem? What do they have in common? A COACH

A Coach that helps them stay accountable and foccussed, a Coach that supports them during times when challenges arise. A Coach to keep the momentum going. A Coach that will be your guardian angel, and your kick arse angel, when you need it.

At Curves we support you in YOUR success process. 

Please see our Before and Now photos and member success stories below.

Chris Ducker Owner/Manager @CurvesMorisset

I needed help! and got it at Curves.


Club: Morisset


Weight Lost: 8kgs

CM lost: 43cms

Lost 2 dress sizes

“I was sick, & desperate to lose weight!

I wrote the letters T.I.M.S. on the back of my hand. Stands for Tight In My Skin - to stop me from opening the pantry or fridge thinking I was overeating.

That wasn’t the problem & Curves Complete helped me sort out my food portions and I have never looked back.

Thanks to Curves, I feel healthier & happier”

Margaret Goldsmith


A severe fall could have been a lot worse if it hadn't been for Curves

January 2017 is the year I celebrated 10 years membership at Curves and I will be turning 80 in November, 2017. On 1st February, while walking with my husband (known as Goldie) I had a serious accidental fall missed the gutter and landed very heavily on the road causing a chipped right elbow, chipped tooth, deep soft tissue damage in my arm, bleeding knee, hand and face, black right eye and scratched glasses and severe shock. The fall knocked me out for a for a few seconds…I was unable to attend Curves for more than a month.

Chris and her staff were very considerate and concerned and welcomed me back. I have no doubt that the (mostly) five days a week that I have attended Curves saved me from more devastating injuries like a broken shoulder, ribs cheekbone, knee or more. Ten years of Curves bone strengthening machines (my bone density is excellent) and aerobic exercises and the wonderful staff and the friends I’ve made at Curves Morisset is the major factor in my remarkable recovery.

Sue Hutchby


Curves has given me back my life

Hi my name is Sue I am a 62yr old. At 40 I was a very fit grandma being able to do everything with my grandkids but by 55 I was battling menopause, depression & chronic arthritis. By 60 I was spending half my days in bed, I was on a disability pension and had a disability sticker for my car as I was unable to walk very far or manage more that four stairs. I had also ballooned to 105kgs. At the beginning of

At the beginning of 2017 a friend joined Curves and was telling me how good it was so I decided I would go check it out and here I am today 5months on 10kgs lighter but 15yrs younger in myself. I can now enjoy long walks with my hubby, go shopping with my daughter & teenage grandchildren & keep up not have to rest on a chair while they went on without me. I get up each day with renewed energy &

I can now enjoy long walks with my hubby, go shopping with my daughter and teenage grandchildren wihout resting on a chair.. I get up each day with renewed energy and thoroughly enjoy my 4/5 workouts a week. My strength is unbelievable I can now do 3/4 flights of stairs. My menopause is under control & the depression is nearly nil.

Friends & family cannot believe the change in me. My disability sticker is in my glovebox as I now refuse to take a disabled park. I now do 4/5 workouts at Curves a week plus I walk 3km a day. I use to say to friends if they’d seen my ‘get up & go ‘anywhere could they return it to me as it had got up and gone, little did I know it was waiting at Curves for me.

My daughter (41) says to me all the time now how nice it is to have her happy, vibrant mum back as she felt she was losing me. I will probably ask the undertaker to drop in to Curves on the way to the crematorium just so I can have one last workout before I go, never going to give up my workouts. All I can say is a huge thank you to Curves for giving me back my life.

Trudi Butler


I feel like a new person'

Before joining Curves, I was overweight, lethargic and depressed. We had just moved house and I was struggling with the stairs and life in general. Other issues of life were impacting my mental health and I felt rotten! I was working part time, but I knew I had to do something about my weight and my mental health or I was not going to be able to enjoy my new life near the lake.

My husband was very supportive as I signed up for Curves Complete at Morisset. The coaches were fantastic. I set my goals and talked to my husband about them. He was in full agreement and saw this as an opportunity to improve his own health. We changed our eating habits and quickly noticed how much better we both felt. I enjoyed going to Curves for my workouts and coaching sessions, as I felt that at last I was doing something for myself. I began losing weight, feeling stronger and healthier and my moods also improved. I could actually run up the stairs and chase the grandchildren when we went for a walk. (I couldn’t catch them though!)

After a few months, people at work started to notice and comment on my weight loss. Curves was definitely working for me. I started deliberately visiting Curves after a not – so – good – day at work. This helped a lot. Instead of going home and eating, I worked out, felt better physically and even more importantly, mentally. An added bonus was that my sleeping patterns improved. I hadn’t quite realised the size of the negative impact of poor sleeping. I was feeling like a new person! My husband was experiencing success with his weight loss and health journey too! I feel like I have achieved what I set out to achieve. Now I intend to maintain my healthier weight and keep an eye on my mental health by continuing with Curves. It makes me feel good about myself!

Zania's Story

Nothing is impossible: I have kicked all the bad habits




Weight Lost: 19.8kgs

CM Lost: 106cm

After years of battling my weight, things finally came to a halt when I found myself tipping the scales at 103 kg. Along with health issues that included pre-diabetes, food intolerance’s and high cholesterol. I had also been fighting anxiety and depression since I moved to Australia from New Zealand when I was 21. Food and alcohol were a comfort to me. After getting married, I continued to live on junk food and alcohol. Shortly after my son’s first birthday, I was diagnosed with post-natal depression and was put on prescription medications. As much as I tried losing weight, it was not happening.A year later I was pregnant again. I was overweight, suffering severe sciatica and I was struggling with the day-to-day needs of being a wife and mum. In 2015, a doctor told me I had a number of food intolerance’s including wheat, gluten, soy, dairy and peanuts. She said I was pre-diabetic and that I needed to do something about my lifestyle or I would not see my kids grow up. That was a huge shock for me.

January this year, I was at the Morisset show where Chris Ducker had set up a stall promoting Curves Morisset. I talked with Chris, who offered me three free weeks and after giving her my details, I walked off thinking nothing more of it. The following Monday,Chris phoned me and I reluctantly agreed to go in for a consultation.I thought Curves was for older ladies, but after my consultation I signed up because Chris seemed to really believe I could get my life back with the kind of program Curves offered. Soon after, I entered the 12 Week Challengebut half-way through the challenge I fell off the wagon. I went on a huge bender and eating plates of my old “comfort foods” and when I awoke the next day, I felt as though I had been hit by a bus.At our challenge meeting that night, I spoke to one of my coaches, Cheryl, and told her what I had done. She encouraged me to write down the pros and cons of my food choices. That same night, the challenge group talked about food hangovers and realised the kind of eating I had just engaged in was not worth it. Now my confidence and self-esteem have never been higher. My life could not be better since I have kicked all the bad habits.I barely drink these days and stay away from highly processed and fast foods. My depression and anxiety plus the diabetes are in the past, along with all the medications.I wake every day feeling great because my dream of believing in myself, helped by my coaches and members at Curves Morisset, has become a reality. I have achieved the “impossible.”

Sue's Story

Determination improved overall well-being



CM lost:72 cm

Weight Lost:14 kg

Curves at Morisset saved my life. Not only was I overweight when I joined, but I had serious health problems. I was listening to doctors and taking medication that would only mask the problems, causing other problems that needed more medication.There seemed to be no end of doctor and specialist appointments.Starting my journey with Curves Morisset was a big step for me because I had never been on any type of food plan and I didn’t exercise.From the time that I started my journey with Curves Morisset, the support and coaching that I have been given over the last two years has given me the motivation to not only continue with Curves Complete but also the realization that this really works and I feel fantastic.Doctors told me the continuous pain in my right leg was coming from my spine and recommended a cortisone injection, but when the doctor told me losing weight would help, I cancelled the injection as well as the booked arthroscope and joined Curves.At that time, I suffered also from asthma, constant urinary tract infections and celiac disease. I was tired of taking medications and antibiotics and felt they were taking a toll on my body. Iwas also physically tired and lacked the energy to enjoy my five grandchildren. I was determined to lose the weight to improve all my health issues.I was 72 kg when I joined Curves and today I am 58 kg, I have lost 72 cm and 6.4 per cent of body fat and I am now a size 10 down from a size 14! If that isn’t enough, I no longer take constant rounds of antibiotics and other prescription medications and I can now look after my grandchildren. There is no better result than to not have to take pain killers and not to have to undergo intrusive procedures that for me is and has been the best part of my journey since I have joined Curves Morisset.

Elwyn's Story



Weight Lost: 74kgs

CM Lost: 175cms

Lost 8 dress sizes

"My major deterrent was me, I simply wasn't in a place where I believed I could improve my health, wellbeing and mobility."

“Having got to my Goal Weight in May2014 after a long time of being overweight and unfit, my testimonial speaks clearly of regular exercise, and for me that means the Curves Circuit.

I find the Curves coaches all very cheerful and inspirational.”

Melissa's Story

CLUB: Morisset


Weight Lost: 11kgs

CM Lost: 68cms

Lost 2 dress sizes

I wanted to be healthy again!

“I had already started to lose weight when I joined Curves. Once I joined Curves, I learnt about nutrition and toning my body.

Curves has been great for weight loss and I now feel healthy!”

Thanks Curves Morisset”

Margaret's Story

Trimmed, toned, taut and terrific!




CM lost:26 cm

Weight Lost:4 kg

I have been a member of Curves since 2007 when I was 69 years old. I have always been an active person, I’ve raised a large family, worked and moved to the Morisset Peninsular in 1987. I have a motivated, early-rising, competitive, road racing cyclist husband who gets me out and about early. I was walking 4 – 5 kilometers, 5 days a week, every morning. When Curves opened locally, I decided that I should “give it a go.” That decision was a positive life changing challenge. One of the questions asked of me when I first joined Curves was, “what are your goals?” Answer: “I would like to lose 5 kg” Well I never did attain that goal BUT I am a steady weight at 56 kg (I was 60 kg) and I have lost 26 cm. I am trim, toned, taut and terrific! As well as strong, fit, healthy, energised, motivated and I don’t puff when running up stairs! Chris Ducker and her wonderful staff at Morisset Curves, keep us motivated, keen and entertained. My closest circle of friends are the girls who are with me at 6:30 am – 5 days a week. We socialise frequently, coffee and outings and we laugh a lot. I also have two daughters and a granddaughter who attend Curves at Nambucca Heads so it’s a family affair.I have now completed 2220 workouts! I had always whinged that walking was either too hot, too cold, too many dogs and never a toilet nearby!Curves allows you to work at your own pace, encouraging you to work harder for positive results, using the Curves Smart tag keeps you motivated. Once a person achieves their results it encourages them to greater effort AND it’s never too hot, too cold, too wet, too many dogs & there’s ALWAYS a toilet when you need one!

Amanda's Story

Heathier, fitter and happier mum




Weight Lost:15 kg

I have been a member at Curves Morisset for many years but it wasn’t until the last two years that I really used my membership to its full potential.I had just had my third baby in three and a half years and with each pregnancy I had added extra pounds and with this came more and more health concerns including bursitis and hypothyroidism. I have been goingto the gym every weeknight at 6:30 pm, leaving my three children under 6 at home with my husband when he comes home from work. I managed to lose 15 kg, tone up and get rid of my bursitis. In the process I have also reduced my medication for my thyroid condition and become much healthier, fitter and a happier mummy for my three kids.

Club News

"Curves works for me!" hear from Trudi...

Curves does little in the way of advertising its clubs, instead relying on word-of-mouth referrals and success stories from its members, such as Trudi, who joined the club January 2016.

Trudi wanted to be lighter and fitter, to sleep better, and to improve her mental health, self-esteem and general coping ability.

Living a busy life with work and family, Trudi had no time to herself. When inertia sank in, she realised she was depressed, so decided to do something about it.

“Since joining Curves, I feel better – fitter, healthier and I’m sleeping better,” Trudi says.

“I’m a lot happier now and feel as though I can cope with life’s ups and downs.”

Trudi loves the friendly and supportive atmosphere at Curves Morisset.

“I don’t feel out of place like I have at other gyms and I love the set routine circuit there because all I have to do is turn up and do it,” she says.

“And the coaching and food guidance Curves’ staff gave me helped me lose the weight I needed without putting me under any pressure. In fact, all I received was support and guidance.

“The friendly and happy atmosphere at Curves can often turn a bad day into a great day and doing a workout there makes me feel good about myself.”

Helping all its members reach their health and fitness goals is Curves’ promise and with proper motivation and technique support provided by a dedicated coach on the circuit, the club is well able to deliver.

Our aim is to continue to increase our focus on women’s health and fitness by educating women and the wider community about food and activity. Our society depends on it!

Making excuses...?

There are two kinds of people on the planet.

Those who make excuses.
And those who don’t.

The ones who make excuses don’t start that way

No one is ‘born talented’ at making excuses. But over the years they learn to get out of things. They learn how to blame the weather, their parents, their teachers, the system, the chewing gum—yeah, pretty much anything that can deflect the blame. And give them the excuse they need.

And then there are those who don’t

Or rather won’t.

We all have our difficulties and some days we feel like making excuses. And we start mumbling but stop before the mumble pushes itself into a rumble. And we get the job done.

Amazingly all of us have similar capabilities. Similar capabilities to get stuff done
Or completely screw up our lives with excuses.

When you wake up in the morning you get to choose which route to take. As one wise person said: The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that smart people hate doing the same things that unsuccessful people hate doing—but successful people do it any way.

As you go on this journey, you get the chance to back out

To make excuses.

To blame the chewing gum.

Or not.

You have the choice.

You decide.
How do we draw inspiration?
Stop, Look, Listen and Attend. Multi-tasking can be overrated ;)

"Curves works for me!" hear from Trudi...

Curves does little in the way of advertising its clubs, instead relying on word-of-mouth referrals and success stories from its members, such as Trudi, who joined the club January 2016.


Making excuses...?

We all have our difficulties and some days we feel like making excuses...


What Motivates Us?

'obey (the process) and the results will come!


CURVES ~ Ideal exercise for PREGNANCY

hydraulic resistance with low-impact aerobic activity. Similar in movement to water aerobics, this strength-training and cardio workout is safe and effective for women of all ages and fitness levels, including women who are pregnant.


Make the HARDER Choice...

Where's your ME time?



The risk of diabetes and clinical depression are other problems that research tells us are less likely among women who strength train.


The Power of Protein

Protein is important because it helps keep your muscles strong!



Strength training, when done properly, increase our flexibility and balance, lessening the likelihood and severity of falls.


Our Photo Album

Friends Jennifer and Sonia - twinning today! Sonia completes her 100th workout!

Chris' Coaching Mantra - coaching members to achieve RESULTS!

Ali's Coaching Mantra - encouraging women to be their best versions of themselves! :)

Noelene holding the 2.5kgs of Body fat lost!

Merry Christmas from the Curves Morisset members!

Congratulations to Members of the Week ~ Daphne & Renai :D

Congratulations Margaret on achieving 2200 workouts!

Curves members at the 2015 Colour Run

Sam & Elwyn...Curves members at the 2015 Colour Run

2015 Raw Challenge with Pam, Suzie & Chris :D