Welcome to Curves Mitchelton

CURVES MITCHELTON is located on Level 1, Brookside Shopping Centre, 159 Osborne Road, Mitchelton.  

The steps leading upstairs are located beside the Telstra Shop, just inside the Commonwealth Bank entry from the eastern carpark (Coles and Woolworths end).

There is plenty of free parking at the shopping centre as well as a bus station at the Osborne Road frontage and a short 7 minute walk from the Mitchelton train station.

Out of hours entry is also readily available, making the club easily accessible before and after work.

Chris and Janelle Hansen are the owners and, with our team, we look forward to welcoming you when you visit our women's only gym.

Curves Mitchelton

Level 1, Brookside Shopping Centre, 159 Osborne Road,
Mitchelton, Queensland, 4053

📞 07 3354 4455

05:45AM - 12:00PM, 02:00PM - 07:00PM
05:45AM - 12:00PM, 02:00PM - 07:00PM
05:45AM - 12:00PM, 02:00PM - 07:00PM
05:45AM - 12:00PM, 02:00PM - 07:00PM
05:45AM - 12:00PM, 02:00PM - 06:00PM
07:00AM - 11:00AM


Welcome to Curves Mitchelton!

Curves delivers an effective and fun way for women to get fit and be healthy.  Whether your goal is to tone up, gain energy, manage your weight, or enhance your health and well-being, the team at Curves Mitchelton can help you achieve them!


Get fit at Curves Mitchelton

30 Minutes is all it takes!  The Curves 30 minute circuit is a full body circuit workout, combining cardio, strength training and stretching on machines designed for women of all ages.

Using our unique fitness solution, you work every major muscle group in your body and burn up to 2000 kilojoules in just 30 minutes.

Fully qualified Curves Coaches are always there during every workout to teach and motivate you in a safe, supportive environment, only for women.

Club View Curves Mitchelton AND  Club View Curves Mitchelton

Our specialty Body Basics Circuits add variety to the traditional Curves workout - and still only take 30 minutes!

From April 2018, we are introducing new specialty circuits - a fun way to tone up, improve cardio, build endurance and get fit at the same time. 

  • Walking by Curves - low intensity or pick it up, you can take between 1500 and 3500 steps AS WELL AS complete your strength training workout!
  • Boxing by Curves - a higher intensity workout that supports in to use your body weight in great boxing moves.  Use those arms, strengthen the core and kick those legs!
  • Yoga by Curves - a low intensity option between the machines which will support you to improve your balance, stretch and flexibility.
  • Dancing by Curves - a higher intensity workout that mixes fun dance steps with Curves' great strength training workout. 

All the circuits are led by trained coaches to provide easy learning and variations to assist members with knee, lower back and pelvic floor issues.

Women who have never thought of going to a gym amaze themselves at Curves.

Contact Curves Mitchelton for details and click for the most up-to-date timetable.  

Join the Curves Mitchelton Facebook page and receive regular news, information and make sure you are up-to-date. 


Get healthy at Curves Mitchelton

A healthy body is the result of a balanced lifestyle and a healthy mindset. 

We all know that the best solution for weight loss is a complete approach: 

  • exercise to boost your metabolism,
  • a diet that starves fat and feeds muscle, and
  • encouragement and support to stay on track.

Curves Complete, is designed to help you see results quickly by integrating these three essential elements.  With Curves Complete you receive personalised meal plans and healthy recipes to fit your lifestyle, a 30 minute exercise program and one-on-one weekly coaching sessions with a qualified Curves Coach to keep you on track and help you meet your goals.

You'll never feel alone and you'll never wonder if you;re doing things right.  With your own Curves Coach success is always within reach.

Check out the "Success" tab above to hear from some of our members at Curves Mitchelton.

 Curves Mitchelton also has an extensive nutrition range of snack bars, protein bars, shakes and multivitamins.  This ensures you can complement your fitness routine with products that assist muscle recovery while also being convenient for a quick, satisfying snack on the go.


Get motivated at Curves Mitchelton

Curves Mitchelton is a vibrant community of women working towards the same goal of a healthy lifestyle.  The secret to lasting motivation is the support of our friendly staff and members. 

As a staff team we pride ourselves on our passion for women's health and wellbeing, and our personalised approach to weightloss and fitness.  

We value each and every one of our members and endeavour to support, encourage and motivate them to reach their personal fitness and weightloss goals.

Meet our team:

Janelle Hansen

Co-owner / Manager, Circuit & Curves Complete Coach, Cert IV Workplace Training

Julie Welch

Circuit & Curves Complete Coach, Cert III Fitness

Narelle Willson

Circuit & Curves Complete Coach

Sue Hegarty

Circuit & Curves Complete Coach

Lisa Rondo

Circuit Coach

Tanja Ligthart

Circuit Coach

At Curves Mitchelton we believe that Strength Training is an essential form of exercise for women and each of our team knows strength training works!

Exercise has been recommended for a variety of medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, osteoartritis and diabetes and is known to improve overall health and fitness.

We know that the Curves program is improving our health outcomes, making us stronger, fitter and healthier. 

Look at our Success page to see how we enjoy life!

Book your appointment now to start your journey to a stronger and healthier you.



Congratulations to our winners of the Summer 2016 Curves 12 Week Body Challenge!

And congratulations to all 20 members who accepted the challenge and have journeyed closer to their health and fitness goals.

Everyone has enjoyed the excitement of strength training combined with nutritious food to not only lose weight, but to see their body shapes changing, flexibility improving and energy levels that have exceeded expectation!

Special thanks to Sue Santer at JonLeCourt Hairdressing, Brookside for the fabulous gift vouchers for all our winners.

12 week challenge


Elizabeth was our Curves Mitchelton Challenge Winner! Weight lost: 5.7kgs Body fat Lost: 2% Centimetres lost: 30.5cms

"I am proud and very pleased with the results I have achieved in completing the Curves 12 Week Challenge, and in losing the 5 kgs I wanted to lose. My whole body is much trimmer, firmer and stronger. I would like to thank all the trainers for their encouragement, information and assistance during the Challenge. The best thing is feeling so good about myself!”


Virginia was our first runner up! Virginia lost 6.5 kgs, 1.5% body fat and 26.5cms!

We asked her what was the best thing about the "New You?"

Virginia told us: My confidence, feeling strong and healthy and empowered to make healthy choices. How exciting it was!!! Thank you, thank you,and thank you to all the awesome coaches who kept everyone on track !!!


Jayne was our second runner up!Jayne lost 8.9 kgs, 3.7% body fat and 48.5cms!

Jayne told us: I have a greater passion for LIFE! With more energy, a healthier outlook and a happier attitude, I have a renewed sense of vigour towards my everyday life. I am inspired by all the hard work everyone put in, and incredibly grateful to the staff at Curves for their encouragement and enthusiasm over the course of the 12 weeks. Thank you so much.


Merlene won an award for the highest percentage body fat lost Weight lost: 12.8kgs Body fat lost: 5.9% Centimetres: 81.5cms

Merlene told us: I love fitting back into my favourite clothes, I have so much more energy PLUS my back doesn't hurt as much! I love what Curves has helped me to achieve.


I want to thank Janelle and the Curves Team for all you’ve done for me so far on my health and fitness journey. Notice that I didn’t say weight loss, as although weight loss is a fabulous benefit, it wasn’t the main reason I started at Curves.

I always thought I was a strong person, even at my weak times. I was strong in mind but not in body. Strength training at Curves has taught me that exercise can be really enjoyable as well as extremely beneficial! Anyone who knows me knows that I was NOT a gym person. These days, I feel as though I am denying myself something if I don’t get to Curves at least 3 times a week.

By strengthening my body I feel more confident. I feel like I can participate more in everyday things. I don’t feel old and frumpy and my family is proud of me. Nothing can compare to that.

I’m unsure whether it’s the all-female environment that makes it so easy, the support from the trainers or the friendships I’ve made over the last 4 months, but visiting Curves has become an integral part of my routine. I love to see how my progress is going week to week, and even if one week isn’t as good as the previous, there’s no thought of giving it away. The team just encourages me to improve and try harder the next week.

As always, the most rewarding is when people notice the results – and lots of people have noticed. I am nowhere near where I want to be, but I am definitely on the way and I couldn’t have done it without you all. Thank you so much.

Club News

25 Years Curves Strong!

85 Members from Curves Mitchelton celebrated Curves' 25th Birthday with a workout and cake on Thursday 28 September 2017.

We really do know the truth that we Live Stronger Together

Dawn completed her 300th Workout on the day and Jan celebrated that she has been a member since 2005 - Congratulations to you both!

Take the Curves Challenge - 8 Weeks to create YOUR healthy habits

8 Weeks

Completing the Curves Challenge two years ago provided Merlene with the tools she was looking for to again take control of her lifestyle and habits. 

New members and Current members can all participate in the Challenge program:

8 Weeks of our Curves Complete Diet Plan
8 weeks of Weekly Group Seminars
8 Weeks of Full Support and Help by Coaches
8 Weeks of Fun Challenges
8 Weeks of Changing Habits
8 Weeks of Fitness workouts and coaching

Listen to Merlene's story and make your decision today.

So, what’s stopping you?

Phone the club on 3354 4455 or book an appointment to start building your successful habits.

25 Years Curves Strong!

85 Members from Curves Mitchelton celebrated Curves' 25th Birthday with a workout and cake on Thursday 28 September 2017.


Take the Curves Challenge - 8 Weeks to create YOUR healthy habits

A healthy lifestyle is built on strong, successful habits. The Curves 2018 Challenge is an opportunity for you to learn habits that will work for you personally with a great program and weekly coaching sessions.


2000 Workouts - a testimony to commitment and results!

Wendy was first and now, 12 months later, Julie and Kathy are there!


Our Photo Album

Our club's new look is designed to tell everyone exactly who we are and how 30 minutes is all it takes!

Club View Curves Mitchelton

 We are really excited with our new window decals which add to the professional look of our club and also provide extra privacy.

With the improved air condfitioning that was installed a couple of months ago, our members can comfortably now workout in a cool 22C.

It's great to be at Curves - especially during Summer!

Jayne just burnt 616 calories in her workout. Looking good, feeling strong!

Walk By Curves - adding up to 3,000 steps to your Strength Training Circuit!

Curves Mitchelton Club ready for the Circuit!