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249 Allan St Kyabram Vic 3620  PH: 03 58523380

Curves Kyabram

249 Allan Street,
VIC, 3620

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Curves is a fitness and weight loss centre especially designed for women, where we combine exercise, meal plans and coaching all in the one place.

Curves Fitness offers a fun, fast and convenient way to exercise. Our members enjoy a total body workout in just 30 minutes.   The latest introduction to the Curves circuit are our Body Basic Circuits.  These 30 minute workouts offer an exciting twist to the traditional 30 minute Curves Circuit. Variations include “Awesome Abs, Cardio, Stretch and Balance, Legs and Arms

Curves Complete is a three-part-plan for weight loss that combines exercise with the added benefits of personalised meal plans and one-on-one in club Coaching with a Curves Coach..  You can loose up to 10kg in just 90 days.  A Curves Complete member can also interact with other Curves Complete members around the world through our dedicated online portal. 

 There are many reasons women love Curves.  .  When a member joins Curves, they join our family.  Our boutique clubs foster a community of like-minded members who support each other along their fitness and weight loss journeys.  Plus with a Curves Coach at every circuit, to teach and motivate, our members never feel alone as they progress through their journey - knowing you’re in good compamy makes yourjourney to better health and fitness more enjoyable , more rewarding and more fun.  Making real lifestyle changes is so much easier when you have the support and encouragement. 


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Circuit Coach


12 weeks ago I was eating towards 100kgs.  My father had just had heart surgery and it was the end of winter.  I needed to change and I needed to do something for myself.  I have 4 children 10 and under and work from home with extra children.  Time for me was very rare.  So I decided at 6am in the morning was “me time”.  I am there to get fit, loose weight, have fun and get that down time.  My goal was 10kg at least I had a wedding to go to in November and wanted something nice to wear.  My dress I had was too big now a size 14 -love it.  How could I ever let myself get to that.  It was easy at the time, I just didn’t care about what I ate- I snacked all the time on the wrong foods,  It is hard work and I just hope I can maintain and loose more weight.  Thanks Curves Complete,  you saved me!






Left a real crap job in  January 15th the job got me absolutly depressed.   I hated everything everyone and myself.  I started loosing weight 1st Feb.   We went on a holiday at Easter time and today we are coming home and I am coming home 25kg less and I feel  fantastic 



Robyn’s dedicated to the programme was inspirational.

 Robyn did not miss a single coaching session and followed the programme and overcame many obsticles along the way.

At times daily life challenges made things tough and quite difficult, but the ease of the programme helped immensely.


Thank you Robyn. You showed us that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible!


“I had driven past my local Curves for at least the last 4 years and often  thought to myself, “I wonder what it is all about?”

One morning,  12 weeks ago, I finally decided to myself that I would go inside.  I was met by Michelle & Danielle (Curves Staff) and straight away I felt comfortable & at ease with both of these lovely ladies.

I was very impressed with the Curves Complete program and decided that this is something I want to do for myself.

I found it very easy to follow and stick with the diet and exercise, and I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed it!  I feel just great. I have so much more energy and I am starting to feel good about myself now.


A big thank you to all the ladies at Curves for making me feel welcome”


“I started Curves Complete overweight. I was eating sandwiches late at night and drinking soft drink. I was exercising, but the food I was consuming - the exercise wasn't helping.  On my journey I have lost 16kg in the last 90 days.In the first about 7 weeks I'd lost my goal weight which was 10kg. My coach & I set a new goal for another 5kg. I blew that before I finished.
I learned to eat better and drink healthier. I am no longer eating supper. If I get hungry I drink water or tea with no sugar. I am walking and enjoying going to Curves.
I would like to thank my daughter for the times I have asked her to come to Curves with me. Also I would like to thank my coaches at Curves, Kyabram (Victoria) for their support and the ongoing cardio sessions with the team”




My goal,  when I retired from work,  was to lose weight and improve my fitness.  After being at Curves for 5 months and improving my fitness and losing some weight, I joined Curves Complete for  90 days.  


Curves Kyabram Wellness Walk/Fun Run


For the past 10 years,  Curves Clubs across Australia in October  have enjoyed a Girls Nite In Fundraiser.  This year we thougt we would invite the entire community to join us on Sunday October 23rd on our Wellness Walk/Fun Run  as we raise funds for LOCAL women fighting Cancer.  You can choose either the  2, 5 or 10km course.   If you are interested, simply follow the link below for registration







Curves Kyabram is so much more than just a gym.  We are a family, who supports one another and our community.

Curves Kyabram members and staff at the local Girl Night Out Fundraiser