Welcome to Curves Gympie

Welcome to Curves Gympie.  You will find us upstairs at Level 1, 58 - 62 Mary Street above Schuh Group Accounting.  It's the old Commonwealth Bank Building and high and dry from the seasonal Gympie flood zone.  Mary Street parking is readily available before 8:30am and after about 4:30pm or alternatively utilise one of the off street car parking areas and get in your extra steps and warm up on your way to the Curves club.  There is a loading zone out the front for quick drop offs.

Curves Gympie

Level 1, 58-62 Mary Street,
Gympie, Queensland, 4570

📞 07 54828 543

05:30AM - 10:00AM, 03:00PM - 06:00PM
05:30AM - 10:00AM, 03:00PM - 06:00PM
05:30AM - 10:00AM, 03:00PM - 06:00PM
05:30AM - 10:00AM, 03:00PM - 06:00PM
05:30AM - 10:00AM
07:00AM - 09:00AM


Curves "Strong" is about so much more than building muscles. The Curves program provides women of all ages and fitness levels with what they need to feel great and build a healthier future – strong bodies, strong balance and a strong community.



Strength training powers up your metabolism, helps you get a good night's sleep and boosts your energy levels to tackle your to-do list – just to name a few advantages.

Kerry Hardgrave

Owner/Manager/Curves Complete Coach, Circuit Coach

Natalie McPake

Circuit Coach


Curves Gympie members have real success whether it be gaining strength, weightloss, or improvement in confidence and health.  Read the stories of our everyday heroes, committed to being vibrant, energetic women in their families and community.

Annette Coyne

I'm no longer ashamed to wear tank tops

I am 45 years young and have 5 children and 5 grand kids. When my weight reached 92 kg I knew this was not heading in the right direction. I had always been a negative person when it came to my body, judging what I saw in the mirror. I wouldn’t knowingly let anyone take photos of me but sometimes family managed to sneak one in from a distance. I was particularly self conscious of my arms and couldn’t entertain the thought of wearing a tank top. Through all of this, my husband always said he loved me and made me feel special but because I didn’t love myself I was not confident. I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis in my feet and Carpal Tunnel in both hands. My joints were so stiff that when I bent down to a cupboard I had to drag myself back up. Even getting off the lounge was hard work. I felt like an old woman.

I knew this was no way to live so was determined to do something positive for me. Upon seeing a free Curves joining ad in the local paper, I rang our local gym and made an appointment. Gym owner Kerry set me goals and encouraged me to get active on the circuit. I began working out 4 to 6 times a week. I joined on the Curves Complete program to get the support I needed. My trouble was that with my busy life I was not eating enough. I soon found that by planning my day better I could manage the 3 meals and 2 snacks that Curves Complete recommended. The program truly worked! The weight started coming off steadily at around half a kilo to a full kilo a week. Kerry encouraged me to keep active by wearing a pedometer and striving for 10,000 steps a day. I found this to be a big key in keeping me motivated outside of the gym.

My starting weight was 92.6 kg, today I am just 71.6 kg the lightest I have been since having my twin girls in 2003. This year’s 12 Week Challenge gave me the extra boost to focus on losing the last 5 kg and I ended up winning the club challenge, something I am very proud of. I now love the feeling of being fit and am motivated to inspire other ladies through my achievements. I have an abundance of energy for my ‘busy’ day and love wearing tank tops and beautiful dresses. Curves has changed my life and I have formed wonderful friendships with other Curves ladies.

Pat Douglas

Hello from Pat,

At the start of 2018, I joined Curves. I was at a very low point in my life, having recently lost my husband and had broken my arm. I had to have surgery on the arm as it hadn't healed properly and left me out of action for nine months. My self-esteemwas very low and my mental and physical health was compromised. I saw the "CURVES" sign and on a whim, I joined up and"SAVED MY LIFE".I was welcomed with open arms and mychallenges were addressed by the wonderful staff. Back then I couldn't pick up a glass of water. Now I am fit and healthy, have lots of new Curvey friends, being able to manage my garden and household chores. I am once again active in the community attending with enthusiasm, Scottish Country Dancing twice a week, swimming, choir, I can even swing on the monkey bars. I will be 79 next birthday yet feel only 50 and have energy to play with my 9 great-grandchildren. Thank you Curves Gympie xx

Kathy Rowlands

CHECK this outWinner of our recent 8 WEEK CHALLENGE, Kathy is sold on Curves Complete (Fitness+ Meal plans + Coaching). Kathy was able to drop 8 kg+ and 4% body fat and continues her strength training at Curves and keeping active outside. "I am motivated to maintain my fitness and wellbeing and am sleeping so much better too".

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3000 and counting for Bobby


3000 and counting for Bobby

FOR Gympie woman Robyn Smith, there's much more in an early morning trip to the gym than a standard workout.


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Curves Gympie is all about everyday women finding and developing strength physically, mentally and socially through our wonderful, supportive community.  Check out how much fun our members have on and off the circuit. Picture yourself and your workout buddy putting more life in your years at our club.

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Celebrating Milestones

Celebrating Milestones

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