Welcome to Curves Drysdale

Welcome to Curves Drysdale!

We invite Women of all ages and fitness levels to an obligation free consultaion. Our circuit coaches will show you around our health club, explain how our equpiment works and show you how to use it for best results! Whether your goal is to increase your strength and fitness, improve your overall health or lose weight, our program has been designed by fitness experts to help get you there! There is nothing more motivating then exercising in an environment surrounded by women of all ages working to achieve their fitness and health goals! 

In just 30 minutes, you will achieve an efficient full body workout that targets every major muscle group through a proven program of strength and cardiovascular training and stretching. In addition, you can compliment your 30 minute workout with a variety of our circuit based "Body Basic" classes such as: stretch, strength and balance, dance and tone, boxing, combo and our new walking "cardiovascular" focused class.

We have been in Drsydale for 11 years and in that time have helped so many women achieve their fitness and health goals. Infact, one of Curves Drysdale members won the Australian and New Zealand "Curves Complete" award for 2015. In addition we won the 2016 local business excellence award for our ongoing service to our members and local community.

For more info and the latest news, we invite you to visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CurvesDrysdaleAustralia/ and Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/curvesdrysdale


We are located at Shop 6-7, 21 Clifton Springs Road, Village Walk, Drysdale 3222


Curves Drysdale

Shop 6-8, 21 Clifton Springs Road,
Drysdale, VIC, 3222

📞 03 5253 3029

06:15AM - 11:30AM, 04:00PM - 07:00PM
06:15AM - 11:30AM, 04:00PM - 07:00PM
06:15AM - 11:30AM, 04:00PM - 07:00PM
06:15AM - 11:30AM, 04:00PM - 07:00PM
06:15AM - 11:30AM, 04:00PM - 06:00PM
08:00AM - 11:00AM


Here at Curves Drysdale we understand how busy womens lives are and how precious time can be. We know when life gets busy, your health and fitness can quickly become negleted. But 30 minutes is all you need to keep your goals intact and that is why Curves circuit is so great! In just 30 minutes, you efficiently work every major muscle group through a proven program of strength and cardiovascular training and stretching. The secret behind the Curves workout is its variety of hydraulic resistance machines, which are built to create resistance that intensifies with effort. As your strength improves, you push harder and the machines respond with more resistance, which makes them ideal for women of any fitness level to achieve results. In addition, you’ll always keep your workouts fresh with your choice of a variety of Body Basic Circuits, including Boxing, Dance & Tone and Walking to name a few.

Our Curves Coaches are there to lead you through every circuit, so you’ll never feel alone or wonder if you’re doing things right. They will keep you motivated and ensure you get the very best from your Curves workouts so you can start achieveing your goals!
If your goal is to lose weight and keep it off, you need to compliment your Curves workouts with a healthy diet that supports muscle growth to help speed up your metabolism. Curves Complete meal plans give you easy delicious recipes you can cook at home with lots of choice and flexibility to fit you, your family and your lifestyle. The Curves Complete Online Portal makes it so easy with a weekly meal plan, personalised menu, printable shopping lists and recipes, plus simple guidelines for takeaway or eating out. The meal choices include plenty of proteins, good fats and healthy carbohydrates so you’re never giving up an entire food group. When paired with Curves Fitness, the customisable Curves Complete Meal Plan can help break down body fat stores, leading to weight loss, build muscle tissue and burn kilojoules/calories.
To enhance your workout, we also stock the My Active Life Nutrition range. The premium range of protein bars and shakes has been formulated by a team of dieticians for the women of Curves to complement the Curves fitness routine. They are a delicious way to get more protein in your diet. Consuming protein while being active helps you maintain muscle, increase your metabolism and curb hunger.


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Curves Drsydale is more than just a gym. It is a community where members can come together to achieve their health and fitness goals, make friends with like-minded women and contribute to the local community through fundraising events. We strive to do more than make our members strong, we team up with local allied health practioners to improve our members knowledge of their own health so they can be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. We invite women of all shapes, sizes and ages to become stronger and live healthier lives.

Club News

Women's Health Week

Held annually in the first week of September, Women’s Health Week is the national campaign for not-for-profit health organisation Jean Hailes for Women’s Health. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining good health and preventing future health problems, including chronic disease. Curves Drysdale is holding a whole week of Women's health talks from a variety of local allied health professionals. Presentations from our local Physiotherapist, Exercise physiologist, Dentist, Diabetes educator, Community health nurse and Dietitian to cover a range of topics associated with womens health. This is a week at Curves Drysdale not to be missed! Gold coin donation at the door to go towards the local foodbank.

Enhance your workouts with My Active Life Protein Range

Welcome to My Active Life! The My Active Life products are designed to complement the Curves workout and Curves Complete meal plan.
The new My Active Life products are available to buy from your Curves Club now.

About the products

There are 3 types of products in the range:

  • 30g Protein Snack Bars
  • 40g Protein Bars
  • 500g Protein Shakes

The 30g Protein Snack Bars contain protein from both soy and whey sources.  They come in 2 delicious flavours – Choc Caramel and Choc Cherry.

  • Dietary fibre combined with protein enhances satiety (the feeling of being full)
  • Only 100 calories (approx. 450kJ)
  • Snack sized convenience
  • Low in sugar, saturated fat and sodium

The 40g Protein Bars are more substantial and ideal for eating on the go, supporting weight loss goals and post exercise muscle recovery.  The 40g Protein Bars are available in 2 flavours – Nut Crunch and Super Berry.

  • Good source of high-quality protein from whey and nuts
  • ‘Natural’ appeal, healthy ingredients
  • Free from high intensity artificial sweeteners
  • Dietary fibre from natural sources from nuts and inulin (Super Berry only)
  • Good ratio of unsaturated fats and low saturated fat.
  • Low in sodium
  • The 500g Protein Shakes

    The 500g Protein Shakes are available in 2 delicious flavours – Creamy Vanilla and Rich Chocolate.

    • 20g of whey protein per serve
    • A range of essential nutrients and amino acids
    • 25% Daily Intake of 18 Vitamins and Minerals
    • Assists with muscle development and recovery
    • 16 serves per packContain magnesium, zinc, selenium and vitamins B3 & E

Benefits of Consuming Protein

What is protein?
Protein is a macronutrient found in food and is one of the body’s building blocks for muscle, bone, skin, and other tissues. The ultimate fill-me-up food; it’s satisfying and helps keep you feeling full for longer! 

Why do I need protein?
Protein is made up of 20 amino acids; some of which are made by the body while others are essential through diet. Protein can help you shed those unwanted kilos by making you feel full and satisfied. It also helps preserve muscle and encourages fat burning, even after exercise. 

How does protein affect weight loss?
Protein is the most satiating of all the macronutrients, helping you to feel full for longer and supporting your weight loss goals. Protein also helps your body preserve muscle during weight loss. 

Why is protein important after working out?
Providing your body with protein after exercise gives muscles the fuel and nutrients needed for growth and repair. Research shows the best time to deliver protein is within 1 hour following exercise. A My Active Life protein bar or shake is the perfect after-work out fuel.

Why is snacking with protein beneficial?
While mindless snacking can expand your waistline, smart snacking may do just the opposite. Eating several small meals and snacks can help to control hunger and assist in weight loss. Snacking helps keep your metabolism in high gear, especially if the snacks are protein-rich! 

Will a high protein diet affect intake of other important foods?
It is important to ensure that with a high protein diet you are still consuming a balanced diet with a wide variety of nutritious foods, plenty of fruit and vegetables plus a good intake of fluid every day

Women's Health Week


Enhance your workouts with My Active Life Protein Range


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