Welcome to Curves Blackburn

Curves Blackburn, your local women’s gym, has been serving our community for over thirteen years, providing a supportive gym environment for women of all ages and fitness levels. 

Our 30 minute circuit is designed to effectively deliver a workout that provides strength training, cardio and stretching.  You work every major muscle group on hydraulic resistance machines specifically designed for women.  As you increase intensity, the machines respond with more resistance. 

Curves Complete is our meal plan programme, providing healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy.  We have had many members successfully lose weight either on our ‘one on one’ programme or by joining in on one of our 12 week challenges.  With weekly coaching sessions we keep you motivated to achieve your weight loss goals.

We also offer a variety of Body Basic Classes on the circuit to help keep you motivated to workout.  Our Dance & Tone and newly introduced Yoga inspired Balance Classes are particularly popular. 

Call Janet and the team on 03 9877 1814 to book a no obligation consultation and complimentary workout.

Curves Blackburn

Level 1, 8A Blackburn Road,
Blackburn, VIC, 3130

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Following a redundancy in the corporate world, my daughter made an appointment for me at Curves.  She didn’t just give my name and phone number as a referral, she actually made the appointment.  Her concern for my health and well being was the start of my Curves journey.  I signed up on the day and then a few days later I saw a sign on the wall saying the club was for sale and I thought, I can do this!


I started negotiating to buy the franchise and less than two months later I was the new owner.  That was nearly 10 years ago!


I had no background in the fitness industry and had only been a member of a traditional gym for a six month period several years before.  I was 50 years old and my life suddenly changed so much for the better.  I used to have a neck and shoulder massage every week – I don’t go anymore.  I lost 10kgs in the first six months ; I eat healthier;  I am stronger – I feel it in my upper body, my legs and my core and I have much better posture.


I also now understand the difference between strength training and cardio and why strength training is so important to women.  I am committed to educating the women who walk through my door about healthy eating and strength training.  I pretty much live and breathe Curves.


But my story isn’t that special compared to the stories of our members and staff.  It means a great deal to me to see our members achieve their individual goals.  The excitement when a member whispers in my ear:   


  • “I can keep up with my grandchildren”;

  •  "I can reach my toes";
  • “I am saving so much money now as I don’t frequent the Doctor’s or Physio’s”;

  • “I am no longer considered a diabetic”.


We are a women's gym, but we are also a Club.  Our members are not numbers, they have names and all staff endeavour to use them whenever possible.  We all feel privileged to be working with our members to achieve their health and lifestyle goals.


Janet Gardner



Circuit Coach


Circuit Coach


Circuit Coach


Circuit Coach

All staff hold nationally accredited personal coach and First Aid qualifications in addition to specific Curves qualifications.  Bev and Miranda are both qualified Zumba instructors and lead our Zumba and Dance & Tone classes.


Our members provide us with some amazing stories of success in weight loss, increased bone density, healthy mindset and reduced biological age.  Could you be our next success story?




Amanda initially joined Curves to focus on her fitness. After two months she started on the Curves Complete program and was having such great results that she reduced her goal weight by another 5 kgs. Losing her 22.7 kgs in a little over eight months, Amanda continues to work out at Curves six days a week. She truly is an inspiration to those around her. In her own words:

"I have more energy and no longer feel sluggish; feeling physically fitter, I sleep better and my hip, back and neck pain have all gone. Overall, I am saving financially, as my Physio and Doctor's visits have reduced and I am on reduced medications. Curves Blackburn provides me with a supportive, friendly environment - from both staff and members and for someone who has a disability (only have 15% central vision), I feel I am fully participating in everything Curves has to offer and am not a hindrance to anyone. This has given me a new lease on life; my frowns have been replaced with smiles. Curves Blackburn and Curves Complete have literally changed my life!"


Bone density

My Curves membership has been a major factor in the improvement in my bone density.

The results of my most recent DEXA (Bone Density Scan) have shown an increase in bone density since my last scan in 2014, of 3.4% in the Lumbar spine and 8.1% in the hip. Yipee!!

For me, this means a decrease in risk of fracture and peace of mind. Since joining Curves in 2010, and attending 3 circuits and a Zumba class each week (as regularly as possible) my general health and wellbeing has improved greatly. After participating in Curves Complete, my diet and lifestyle have improved and I can maintain a healthy weight. All this while having fun, meeting lots of great people and constantly being encouraged by supportive, caring staff. Despite being in my 60’s I felt confident in my strength to go on a cycling holiday in France.

Thank you Curves Blackburn.



Sunny had just turned 49 and she knew she wanted to feel better about herself before she turned 50 and her planned trip to see family in China. Joining Curves on our 8 week challenge, Sunny had a Biological age of 47.5; at the end of the 8 weeks, Sunny had lost 3.5kgs and reduced her Biological age by two years to 45.5. Continuing at Curves, working out at least 3 times a week including our Zumba on the Circuit and Dance & Tone circuits and maintaining a healthy eating plan (Curves Complete) she further reduced her Biological age to 44.5 just as she turned 50. Sunny stayed motivated after the challenge by having a monthly goal review with her Curves coach. She enjoyed the atmosphere of a women’s only gym, felt a lot happier in herself whilst achieving the self-discipline to keep working out.

“I no longer care about the weight now; I just care about the fact that it’s fun and I’m really enjoying the dancing class and Zumba class”

If you want to have a biological age less than your chronological age, Curves can help you.