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Curves is a club especially for Women of all ages and all levels of fitness The Curves circuit is designed  to effectively deliver a workout that combines strength training, cardio and stretching all in one session. We understand it’s often difficult to find time to exercise, but in the Curves circuit 30 minutes is all it takes! In just 30 minutes, you work every major muscle group and burn up to 2000 kilojoules. Cardio workouts are great, but strength training is the only way to build and maintain muscle, and muscle is what revs your metabolism, so the weight you lose stays off.

The circuit is made up of hydraulic resistance machines, which are designed to create resistance that increases with effort. As you get stronger, you can push harder and the machines will respond with more resistance making them perfect for women of any fitness level to continually achieve results. With no set starting times, it is  fast and convenient  The accredited coaches motivate you to reach your goals whether they be toning, fitness or weight loss.

Body Basic circuits and Curves Circuit with Zumba+  and Curves Dance and Tone add extra fun to the Curves circuit and variety to the workout as each circuit focus on different muscle groups. Curves Box N Tone includes boxing move to keep you motivated .

We are located just up the road from Puffing Billy and across from the Fire Brigade on Bayview Rd. There is parking out the back for your convenience.

Curves Belgrave

13-15 Bayview Road,
Belgrave, VIC, 3160

📞 03 9754 1522

06:15AM - 11:00AM, 03:30PM - 07:30PM
06:15AM - 11:00AM, 03:30PM - 07:30PM
06:15AM - 11:00AM, 03:30PM - 07:30PM
06:15AM - 11:00AM, 03:30PM - 07:30PM
06:15AM - 11:00AM, 03:30PM - 06:30PM
08:00AM - 12:00PM


At Curves Belgrave we are passionate about helping women achieve their goals whether they be fitness, toning or weight loss. Curves offers a circuit coach to ensure that you get the most out of every workout in just 30 minutes. We have just celebrated our 10th birthday in Belgrave, supporting the local women in the community.

Curves Belgrave is a club, not a gym - no makeup, no men, no mirrors is our motto.

Women are time poor and are always trying to please everyone. In just 30 minutes you can get an efficient and effective workout every time, whilst excercising every muscle group in our body. Stretching, cardio, and strength training.

Body Basic classes are scheduled for those members wanting to commit to a workout time. These are at: 6.30 am , 8.30 am or 9.30 am and 5.30 pm. In addition Zumba is on Tuesdays at 6.30.

Deb Perrett, a new owner, is also a Personal Stylist and offers a free styling session valued at $150 for members once they reach their goal. This is what makes Curves Belgrave stand out against traditional gyms. Curves Belgrave offers a total package to empower you to move forward in your life with confidence.

Deb Perrett


Maureen Mullins

Circuit Coach

Meagan Walton

Circuit Coach

Circuit Coach

Lynn Cann

Circuit Coach

Mandy Payne

Circuit Coach


A good club is measured by it's members and the results. We have many members reaching workout milestones. Our longest standing member is Joy Clarke who has completed in excess of 1800 workouts. Joy has recounted her experience with Curves........


Well where to begin. I started Curves just over 5 years ago and have since completed over 1800 workouts. The benefits I have gained are incredible.


I started because after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both my hips was determined to increase my mobility and strength, and also to do something for me. I found that the improvement to my hips(less pain) happened in about six weeks and I was able to drastically reduce my pain medication.


I come to Curves just about every day, not that I am obsessed with losing weight, (not my ultimate aim) but just because of the sense of wellbeing I get after a workout. I now rarely take any medication and sleep much sounder.


The benefits to my overall health has been amazing. I am so much stronger and fitter and my mobility is fabulous, which makes it easier to cope with the everyday hassles of life. I have lost a couple of kilos (a bonus) and have lost a lot of centimetres, my body much more toned than it used to be. My Doctor has also hinted at reducing my blood pressure medication, and encourages me to keep doing what I am doing-going to Curves.


The friendships I have made both with Staff and Members is also a bonus, I love being part of the Curves Sisterhood. I must thank all the Staff very much for their genuine concern about people, having helped me through a couple of difficult times over the past couple of years both with family and the loss of a very dear friend.


Most of all the best thing about CURVES is having FUN!!!(especially Zumba-give it a go!)


My commitment is strong and I have reaped the rewards-so come on girls make the effort.


Joy Clarke



The lovely Allison

CURVES ... my journey

It was husband who was my incentive for my journey to healthy living. He said he had never seen anyone look as terrified as I did as I struggled for breath while in hospital wheezing my way through yet another asthma attack following another chest infection. There was no mention of my weight, with my BMI in the obese range as I was 90.5 kg.

I had turned a blind eye to my weight, avoiding the scales and hiding under large shirts and pants.It was my health that was the focus of our discussion, I was on medication for high blood pressure, seeing a chiropractor for chronic back pain and I was having repeated chest infections and had been recently diagnosed with asthma.

My husband convinced me to make an appointment with a GP, who was also an alternative practitioner, which was a challenge for me as a nurse. I commenced seeing this GP in 2007, and, with his regime, I made dramatic changes to my lifestyle.

As my health stabilised he spoke of "maintenance” and what to me at that stage, was a scary word exercise! My friend Julie had been going to Curves and had been trying to convince me to join with her but I was using the usual excuses "no time, too far way, too embarrassed" and then CURVES opened in Belgrave! No more excuses! I joined in October 2007 and I have enjoyed almost 1000 workouts!

As we all do, I have had my challenges, two stress fractures of my foot, the loss of my Father and my Aunt, the ups and downs of family life , illness and that feeling of "why bother"! I make the effort to pick myself up and get back to Curving.

What has Curves done for me? It has given me energy, a focus, strength, friends on the circuit and with the Belgrave Curves team, I have ceased my blood pressure medication, I have stabilised my asthma and I can Zumba!

The day I woke up and realised my wellbeing and health is a permanent “life time" lifestyle change and I am the only one responsible for this was my turning point! From 90.5 kg I am now 65.5 Kg, a weight I have maintained. I have now lost a total of 25 kg (some prior to starting Curves) and a total of 55 cm.

My personal highlight? In 2013, together with our daughter, my husband and I cycled in the South of France riding 45 kms a day for a week. This would have been physically impossible for me prior to becoming a committed Curves member.

Dianne Button

On the weekend I participated in a 25km walk to Conquer Cancer. As a Cancer survivor I walked with my 77 year old Mum Shirley in the howling winds , rain and freezing cold .We walked from Albert park lake down to Brighton and back to Albert Park .
I have always had back trouble but since joining Curves my back ...has improved so much I was able to walk the 25kms without stopping .
Thanks to all of you .
Dianne Button

Nicky Cox - Great results after the 12 week challenge. The pictures speak for themselves

Great results Nicky after the 12 week challenge. The pictures speak for themselves!

Club News

10 year birthday

10 year birthday

Was a pleasure to see so many ladies celebrating Curves Belgrave being a part of the local community for 10 years in October 2017


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Meet Abby on our Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine. Curves is for women of all ages

Meet Ros, giving the Oblique machine a workout

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Joy - doing one of the the twelve stretches on the Stretch Machine

You can travel anywhere in the world with a Curves membership. Take our travel bear with you.

Speaker-Maggie Wild speaking about emotional eating

Don't think you have to stop working out if you have back pain

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