Welcome to Curves Belconnen

Curves Belconnen is conveniently located at the Jamison Shopping Centre, 8-10 Bowman Street, Belconnen (ACT), next to the Post Office. There is plenty of free parking.

At Curves, we know women! Our expert team is led by owner Anita O'Meara, a Canberra local and passionate women’s wellbeing advocate.

We’re not your usual gym, we’re a community! So come in and say hi and look around. 

For more information and the latest news, we invite you to visit our Facebook page  (@CurvesBelconnen).

Or better still, why don't you come in and see the gym for yourself?  It may just be the best move you make towards a stronger and healthier you!


Curves Belconnen

8-10 Bowman Street, Jamison Centre,
Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory, 2614

📞 02 6251 1111

06:00AM - 12:00PM, 02:00PM - 07:00PM
06:00AM - 12:00PM, 02:00PM - 07:00PM
06:00AM - 12:00PM, 02:00PM - 07:00PM
06:00AM - 12:00PM, 02:00PM - 06:30PM
06:00AM - 12:00PM, 02:00PM - 06:30PM
07:00AM - 11:00AM
08:00AM - 10:00AM


We understand how busy life can be and that finding time to exercise can be tough.  But with Curves, 30 minutes, four times per week is all you need.

The Curves circuit is an efficient full body workout designed specifically for women.  In just 30 minutes, you work every major muscle group and burn up to 2000 kilojoules through a proven program of strength training, cardio, and stretching.  Plus you can join the circuit at any time, from any station and start working out when it suits you (within standard opening hours). 

The circuit is made up of hydraulic resistance machines, which are designed to create resistance that increases with effort.  As you get stronger, you can push harder and the machines will respond with more resistance, making them perfect for women of any fitness level to continually achieve results.

Our Body Basic circuits add variety to the traditional Curves circuit.  Workouts include simple movements with multiple levels of difficulty so that all of our members can enjoy their workouts.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide for our members.  Some of the benefits you will receive include monthly coaching sessions to keep you on track, and a friendly and community-type atmosphere where you will feel welcome at all times.

No matter what your level of fitness, size, shape or age is, at Curves Belconnen you will find the variety and support you are looking for to help you work towards your health and wellbeing goals.





Member to owner – how a health journey inspired me to take on a business journey


Twelve years ago, I was wedged firmly in the daily grind. I worked full time (and then some) in a stressful job and felt lethargic and flat most days.

Inspired to do something about my health, I entered Curves in Weston. Over the coming weeks I kept coming back for the customer service and community spirit. I’ll be honest, the workout was challenging, but the time flew by and I was able to give the workout my all because of the support network I was seamlessly accepted into. I found my tribe.

After a month I had lost centre metres from all over my body and I had gained a renewed enthusiasm for life and friends who are still dear to me.

With my new-found energy, the daily grind of my 9 to 5 (or should I say 7 to 7) became even more of a drag. I couldn’t ignore that I was not working in a place that filled my purpose. I had always wanted to be a small business owner, but I also wanted to wait until my three children were grown so I could commit fully to a business I was passionate about – I knew that working a purposeful role would be all consuming, and it is, but not in a bad way at all.

In 2008, I saw a notice that Curves Belconnen was on the market. From that moment, I knew I’d found my calling and through a whirlwind of ups and downs, of quitting my job and planning a trip to WACO Texas to do the Curves Owner training, I started my role as an owner of Curves Belconnen in September 2008.

At this point, I was one of a three-owner team where my contribution was to be a silent partner focusing on the financial side of the business – using my accounting degree. I was living part of my purpose and over the next few years I was driven to learn and grow to become the sole owner of Curves Belconnen and work directly with the amazing women who fulfil me every day.

To do this, I had to invest in myself. I had to embark on a path of continual learning. I had to gain knowledge and qualifications in the fitness and nutrition industry.

While this journey is mine, I can honestly say it has not been (and will never be) a solo journey. I have had so many teachers and collaborators over the years. I have had so many amazing staff, including one (Mariana) who is now a best friend and someone I look to like a business partner. Together we are gaining our Certificate 4 in Fitness, and we continually add more strings to our bows, including qualifications in wellness, pilates, yoga, zumba, counselling, mental health awareness, women’s health and sports nutrition.

All of this development is to serve my purpose of helping women live their best lives through fitness, nutrition and community. I am honoured to hear and witness countless stories of life and health improvements, everyday. This is why every day as a Curves business owner is fulfilling. Even on the tough days in business and life, I can smile and feel pride in what I do and who I come into contact with.

As I continue to train and grow, I am pleased that the Curves global franchise is also growing. There are exciting new developments and a continuous investment in research and development to understand and support women’s health. I am so very pleased to be a part of this community and I will continue to work hard to help improve the lives of women across Belconnen (and beyond).

Yours in Health and Happiness, Anita, Owner Curves Belconnen






Anita O'Meara

Owner, Circuit Coach, Curves Complete Coach, Cert 4 Fitness

Mariana Vicol

Manager, Circuit and Curves Complete Coach, Cert 4 Fitness, GradDip Counselling, AdvDip Nat

Nicole Percival

Circuit Coach, Curves Complete Coach, Cert 3 Fitness

Diane Frawley

My Curves story started when I joined Curves as a member in April 2012.


Circuit Coach, Cert 4 Fitness, Natural Therapies and Nutrition Qualifications


Circuit Coach

At Curves, we're more than  gym, we're a community!


At Curves, we aim to give women their lives back.  We do this by providing a professional, relaxed, social, supportive environment, enabling women to reach their full potential - that being their health, fitness and knowledge to make the right choices for themselves.

Read about the real life success stories of our amazing members at Curves Belconnen!


Best thing I ever did joining Curves at Belconnen (Jamison). Well run by a strong team of professional yet friendly trainers. It is always a pleasure to walk through the doors of this gym. Have been a member of other gyms in the past but since joining this one have had the best level of health & fitness ever. Staff always attentive & ready to help with informed advice & encouragement. Besides the circuit, love the extra BBC. I lost over 7kg in the 12 week challenge earlier this year & greatly appreciated the enthusiastic encouragement & support given by the staff. It is not just a gym but pretty much a sanctuary for some me time for so many of the members, to socialise while exercising, so good for both mind & body. Congratulations to Anita & the wonderful team of trainers at Curves Belconnen, keep up the fabulous work.

Club News

Lifeline Gala 2018

Anita & Mariana (looking very glam) at the Lifeline Canberra Gala Ball on Friday night, held at the ever-stunning Arboretum. Lifeline Canberra does amazing work helping support those in crisis, and Curves ACT was very pleased to donate a Gift Basket that included a 12-month fitness membership voucher towards the silent auction. It was a great evening, and yes, there was lots of Dance & Tone-ing!

Curves Belconnen wins ACT #ActiveCommunities Award 2017!


Celebrating and encouraging women to strive for success and speak out for what they believe in is something we are extremely passionate about here at Curves. We're so proud that late last year, our Curves Belconnen community, led by the amazing Anita, was recognised for their commitment to community and support by being awarded the Fitness Australia #ActiveCommunities ACT award. As we approach and celebrate International Women's Day, we remind everyone about the power of community. Together we can #PressforProgress. #IWD2018

Lifeline Gala 2018

Curves ACT supported Lifeline by donating a 12-month fitness membership voucher and attending the ball.


Curves Belconnen wins ACT #ActiveCommunities Award 2017!


Our Photo Album

Curves Belconnen loves to celebrate the success of their wonderful members.

Irena's 2000 workout and thanks to Ziggys for the hamper

Celebrating our awesome members in their 80s!

Our members love to celebrate each others achievements!

Maria worked out for the 1000th time

Celebrating 1400 workouts by Carol!

Meredith achieves 400 workouts

Over Winter our ladies did a virtual walk around Qld over 7million steps. Here is the winning team!

Anita gets a Recognition Award!

Annette celebrates her 100th workout

Our member Beth works out for the 300th time

Joy and her friends after she reaches 1600 workouts

Kate hits 200 workouts

Jan reaches 1100! Great stuff

Lisa smiling for her 400th workout milestone

Lorraine at her 1700th workout at Curves