Welcome to Curves Armadale

Welcome to Curves Armadale. You will find us at Champion Drive Shopping Centre (opposite side to Coles, next to Back in Motion Physiotherapy). There is plenty of free parking on site, bus 243 to Armadale Station stops just outside of the cub or we are only a 10-minute walk to Challis train station.

We love welcoming new members to Curves Armadale. We invite you to schedule a no obligation FREE tour and fitness assessment where one of our friendly staff can show you our facilities and what we offer in club. Come on down and say hello to the Curves Armadale community! 

Curves Armadale

Shop 1, 82 Champion Drive,
Armadale, Western Australia, 6112

📞 08 9399 4151

05:45AM - 11:30AM, 03:00PM - 07:00PM
05:45AM - 11:30AM, 03:00PM - 07:00PM
05:45AM - 11:30AM, 03:00PM - 07:00PM
05:45AM - 11:30AM, 03:00PM - 07:00PM
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07:30AM - 10:30AM


Welcome to Curves Armadale

I'm Vicki and I am the owner of Curves Armadale.

For 14 years we have been committed to providing a complete health and fitness solution for women in Armadale and surrounding suburbs. The Curves circuit is designed to deliver a complete workout that combines strength training, cardio and stretching in a single 30 minute session. Our Coaches are trained to offer advice and motivation and with a Curves Coach always in club, you will never be alone. Need help with nutrition? Our Curves Complete program provides a fully customisable weekly meal plan full of delicious and nutritious recipes, individual weekly coaching with your own Curves Coach to support and guide you plus a range of tools to help develop a healthy mindset. In addition to fitness and nutrition solutions, in club events and promotions encourage women to nurture their emotional and physical wellbeing, support local and national causes and learn about a range of health-related issues. We provide all of this in a supportive, encouraging and judgement free environment which fosters long lasting friendships and a true sense of community spirit. 

Theres no better time than right now to get started on your journey to better health and fitness. Come down to Curves Armadale today!



Owner / Circuit Coach / Curves Complete Coach


Success Stories



I had severe issues with my back and at one point it got so bad that I couldn’t even walk without crutches. I had back surgery in 2016 which fixed the physical problem, but I had obviously gained a bit of weight from not being able to move and from falling into a huge depression because I just couldn’t live a normal life. Once I finished my rehab, I also decided to give up smoking which also didn’t help my weight gain, so I did my research and decided to join Curves Armadale, and I’m glad I did!

Even though I had been on Curves Complete for several months before starting the challenge, life kept throwing me curve balls in all shapes and sizes and I never fully committed or felt confident to keep it up continuously. I fell into the same trap we all do and there was always an excuse.

So, when I saw the advert for the 12 Week Challenge, I decided “this is it”. I commit wholeheartedly. After all, what’s the point in doing something if you’re not going to do it properly? My goals were to make Curves Complete part of my normal everyday life, to get on tack and lose at least half of the weight I had put on, get fitter and stronger to protect myself from further injury and to feel confident and more like me again.

So where am I now? Curves Complete is part of my normal, everyday life. I love the food and for someone who used to hate going to the gym, I am now working out 4-6 times and week and loving it. It’s even been built into my “me time” and is a great stress reliever. I’ve lost over half of the weight I put back on. I feel fitter and stronger and have less problems with my back. I’m definitely more confident and feel even better than the me I was before. And I think the biggest win for me is a goal I smashed without even realising it was a goal, and that is my mindset and my relationship with food and emotional eating. I am now fully confident that I can identify what I am feeling and control it, and not turn to food for comfort.

My new goal is to maintain these changes which will be easy now that I have made the commitment to a lifestyle change. I will keep building on my fitness and strength and keep up the new and improved me.

Thank you to all of the other members and the lovely coaches for the support you have shown. I am truly grateful and wouldn’t be where I am today without your dedication and commitment to helping us achieve our goals.

Total Weight Loss - 9.2kg Total Body Fat Loss – 5.4% Total Centimetre Loss – 40cms

A note from Alana, Sarah’s Curves Coach: I started coaching Sarah when she first joined Curves. Although she was trying, I could see that she her mindset was stopping her from fully committing to the program. When we spoke about her joining in the 12 Week Challenge I was so pleased, as I knew that the challenge would be the push she needed to gain confidence and help her commit to some positive lifestyle changes. By the end of the 12 Week Challenge, Sarah had exceeded all of my expectations, not just in the weight she had lost but also in the complete change to her mental approach and dedication. It’s great to see her so confident and content in a way that I had not seen her before. To top it all off, it was Sarah’s dedication and commitment that made her the winner of our 12 Week Challenge, and I couldn’t be happier or more proud to say that she earnt that title. I can’t wait to see Sarah continue to shine.


I'm Eileen, and I started Curves Complete on the 12 Week Challenge in January 2016, weighing 81kg. It turned out to be the single most important decision concerning my wight loss journey.

Other notable companies ive tried never gave me the ability to lose weight so consistently, as the pre-programmed weekly menu plan fitted out to my own individual requirements. The 12 weeks in the challenge was extremely valuable, with knowledgeable staff in complete control of the classes.

Regular 30-minute workouts at Curves, along with waking and counting my steps was an important part of the plan to losing weight. I found the meal plan and coaching so valuable in the 12WC that I decided to continue on the Curves Complete program when the challenge finished. I knew from past experiences that without the healthy food plan to follow which included lots of foods that I liked, I would not have succeeded in losing 16kg and getting to my goal weight.

I cannot recommend Curves & the Curves Complete program any higher than to say that for the reasonable cost, the program is informative, entertaining, challenging and completely addictive. I love the staff who are very friendly and helpful and the other women who are very supportive of each other’s journey. Most of all I have learnt a great deal about myself. I actually love the way I look, how I feel, and I hope that I can be an example to others. Do it today, for yourself.

Total Weight Loss - 19.4kgs Total Body Fat Loss - 10% Total Centimetre Loss – 131cms

A note from Alana, Eileen’s Curves Coach: Eileen has worked so hard since the very beginning of her journey. She always makes sure her fitness and health are a priority even with her busy lifestyle, and this dedication and commitment really shows in her results. Since Eileen reached her goal weight she has successfully maintained, even managing to lose an additional 3kg. Her new balanced lifestyle means that she continues to gain strength and confidence. Eileen is such an inspiration to many of our members and we are very proud of all that she has accomplished.

Club News

August 2019 Body Basics Timetable OUT NOW!

Body Basic Circuits are a great way to kick start your health. Body Basics will work your body and mind to help you achieve maximum results from your workout, all while having fun!

With Circuits ranging from the high intensity, fast-paced Box and Tone to the low impact, soothing Yoga, there is sure to be something to suit everyone.

The Body Basics Circuits are facilitated by your Curves Coach in the circuit and can be modified to suit all fitness levels. Best of all, they are included in the cost of your membership!

Please see one of our friendly staff for more information about any of the Body Basic Circuits. 


Turning it around with Curves!

Six months ago, Jane was advised by her doctors that she was pre-diabetic. By adopting a healthier diet with Curves Complete and doing regular workouts with Curves, she's turned it all around and recently received news that she's no longer at ris of Type 2 Diabetes. Congraulations Jane on your success!

August 2019 Body Basics Timetable OUT NOW!

Email curvesarmadale@iinet.net.au or send us a message on Facebook for a copy of the timetable


Turning it around with Curves!

Six months ago, Jane was advised by her doctors that she was pre-diabetic.


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On 11th June 2014, Curves Armadale took part in Biggest Morning Tea to raise funds for Cancer Council Australia.


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