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Welcome to our Curves Morisset website. There are plenty of decisions to be made in our lives, what to cook for the family, what petrol to put in your car, what to wear...the list can be infinite. At Curves we simplify some of those decisons from Fitness to Weight Management and just feeling healthy. 

Just 30 minutes for a Total Body Workout that's cardio, strength & flexibility training at the same time.

Start feeling energised and healthy today!  Curves is a women's only, supported environment, just for you!

We also have a Facebook page to get a wonderful insight into the culture of our health & fitness club.

Exercise is not a punishment, but it is certainly something worth fighting for! Get active TODAY! ......Chris Ducker - Owner/Manager

Curves Morisset

20 Yambo Street,
New South Wales, 2264

📞 02 4970 4182

06:30AM - 11:30AM
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06:30AM - 11:30AM
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Our Vision is to 'Give Women their Lives Back!'

We do this by providing a professional, relaxed, social and supportive environment, thus enabling women to reach their full potential.  That being; education about health, fitness and the knowledge to make the right choices, for themselves.


Whether your goals are improving fitness, building strength, enhancing your health and well-being or weight loss, Curves Morisset can help you achieve them!

Get fit at Curves Morisset

The Curves 30 minute circuit is a full body circuit workout combining cardio exercise and strength training on machines designed for women of all ages. Alternatively, try our high-intensity circuits with one of our qualified trainers such as Cardio, Combo, Box & Tone and more... From Balance to circuits focusing on core, legs and arms, you'll find a workout to fit your schedule and fitness level in a safe, supportive environment. Contact Curves Morisset for the most up to date timetable and join the Curves Morisset facebook page for updates.

Get healthy at Curves Morisset

Our comprehensive weight management program, Curves Complete, is designed to help you see results quickly! Curves Complete is an upgraded membership that incorporates customisable meal plans, exercise plans and one-on-one weekly coaching sessions with a qualified Curves Complete Coach. Check out the "Success" tab above to read from some of our Curves Complete members.

Curves Morisset also has an extensive nutrition range, ensuring you can complement your fitness routine with health food products.

Get motivated at Curves Morisset

At Curves Morisset you are supported to achieve your best results by a team of helpful and knowledgeable coaches:



Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker ~ Owner/Manager Curves Complete Coach, Certificate III in Fitness, Cleveland Clinic

Rebecca McMillan

Rebecca McMillan ~ Curves Complete Coach, Certificate III in Fitness, Cleveland Clinic

Cheryl Mason

Cheryl Mason ~ Curves Complete Coach, Certificate III in Fitness, Cleveland Clinic

Ebony Halton

Ebony Halton ~ Curves Complete Coach, Cleveland Clinic certified

As a team we pride ourself on our passion for peoples health and wellbeing, and our personalised approach to weight management and fitness. We value each and every one of our members and endeavour to support, encourage and motivate them to reach their fitness and weight goals.



Angelic Lifestyle Healing

Trish of Angelic Lifestyle Healing, is offering 10% discount on all services for Curves members.
Spiritual Healing, Card readings, Life Coaching, Meditation & Relaxation classes just to name a few.
Contact Trish on 0424 138 808 for upcoming dates & bookings


Subway Morisset
Show your Curves sign-on tag at Subway for 20% discount on your next order,Morisset only.



The Curves signature machines. Targeting all large muscle groups for a stronger core, legs, arms & shoulders.

Elwyn of Bonnells Bay

Elwyn lost in excess of 40kgs, over 175cms and 8 dress sizes.  "My major deterrent was me, I simply wasn't in a place where I believed I could improve my health, wellbeing and mobility."

“Having got to my Goal Weight in May2014 after a long time of being overweight and unfit, my testimonial speaks clearly of regular exercise, and for me that means the Curves Circuit.

I find the Curves coaches all very cheerful and inspirational.”

Chris Ducker Owner/Manager

Chris lost 8kgs, 43cms and 2 dress sizes.  

"I needed  help! and I got it at Curves Morisset"

“I was sick, & desperate to lose weight! 

I wrote the letters T.I.M.S. on the back of my hand. Stands for Tight In My Skin - to stop me from opening the pantry or fridge thinking I was overeating.

That wasn’t the problem & Curves Complete helped me sort out my food and I have never looked back. 

Thanks to Curves”

Melissa of Eraring

Mel lost 11kgs, 68cms and 2 dress sizes.

I wanted to be healthy again!

“I had already started to lose weight when I joined Curves.  Once I joined Curves, I learnt about nutrition and toning my body.

Curves has been great for weight loss and I now feel healthy!”

Thanks Curves Morisset”


Samantha hit a little plateau (as can happen) after a year of being with Curves. So she talked with her coach to re-evaluate her goals and switch up her workout. The 12 Week Challenge was the perfect antidote. It re-boosted her motivation and got her back on track in her weight loss journey. You truly are an inspiration, Samantha! Read about Samantha’s story and congratulate her on all her hard work!

What Motivates Us?

What Motivates Us and Do We Really Need the Power of Why?

In Tokyo, under the Ginza railway station, there is a famous restaurant run by Jiro.

The spotlight is obviously on Jiro, because of his Michelen-star status.

Among all the restaurants in the world, few restaurants get the privilege of getting an extremely high rating in the food industry. And in this unassuming 10 seat restaurant, Jiro doesn’t work alone. Instead there are a host of helpers that seem to be almost invisible.

Some of them simply chop the veggies.
Some of them take out the garbage.
Some of them make sure the rice is right.

Why would you?

Why would you go about cutting vegetables and moving sticky rice for years on end, with no perceptible reward in sight. Sure, you may well become a sushi chef, but it’s a long ten-year journey. So why bother? And at least until recently, a large part of the East didn’t understand the West.

The West was obsessed with why.

Because WHY brings a sense of deadline or end purpose

When you were really young, you never questioned why, did you?
Why did you learn to speak your native language?
Why not learn Cantonese instead?

A lot of our very early learning is not dominated by why. And with the East, just as in the West, the WHY does come up. Kids grow up to be curious and ask WHY.
But in the East, they’re told to simply obey and the results will come. So the goal becomes not so much to find the answer, but to find the teacher. And the teacher has a system, and the results come from that teacher and system.

WHY is a natural question, but not a particularly important one

When you ask WHY, it may well be to satisfy a curiosity. But often the WHY comes more from the urgency.

Why are we doing this?
Why will this benefit me?
Why, Why and Why?

And even when the answer is satisfactory, the urgency remains.

But if you’re a sushi chef, the goal is to learn from the teacher. The WHY slides a bit into oblivion.

And while all this stuff about sushi-chefs is important, it’s also important to note that WHY does help.

Knowing WHY you’re doing something gives the something a sense of purpose.
Does that help us achieve our goals?

Not necessarily. We step into a task with great vigour and then we lose our way, despite knowing WHY we’re supposed to do something.

WHY is nice.
It helps us understand purpose. But it can be overrated.

So What does it take to Motivate Us? Habit…yes…habit!
Coming up with rituals or habits will get you what you are looking for, fitness, health, reduce the waistline, whatever is your Why.

Successful Curves members don’t worry about the Why, they create a habit. Margaret G, for instance, has completed over 2200 workouts.  How did she do it? Habit. Margaret turns up every morning at 6:30am, she rarely misses. 

How about Amanda R? Amanda has three young children, she waits until her husband gets home from work and heads to Curves. She is at the club most days at 6:30pm, gets her workout in, no problems.

What have these two members done? They have created a habit and stuck to it. Have they achieved their respective health & fitness goals? The Why they started in the first place? You bet. This is just two examples of many more members achieving their Why.

If you’re having problems getting to your Why, start with marking yourself in your diary and stick to it. You are important…and no one is going to do it for you.

Yours in good health, happiness...& creating your own healthy habits,
Chris and the Team :)

CURVES ~ Ideal exercise for PREGNANCY

Curves Workout & Pregnancy

Last Updated: 30 June, 2015 

The Curves 30-minute workout combines smooth, hydraulic resistance with low-impact aerobic activity. Similar in movement to water aerobics, this strength-training and cardio workout is safe and effective for women of all ages and fitness levels, including women who are pregnant. As with any exercise during pregnancy, some modifications and precautions are necessary.

A Complete Exercise Program

The Australian Physical Activity Guidelines recommends that pregnant women get at least 30 minutes of exercise most-if not all-days of the week, incorporating activities that strengthen the muscles as well as the cardiovascular system. The Curves program combines the five components of a complete workout into each session: warm-up, strength-training, aerobics, cool-down and stretching. Many Curves facilities use CurvesSmart technology, which can be programmed to keep your workout at specific level of effort.

Getting Started

Low-impact exercise during pregnancy can increase circulation, improve balance, reduce aches and pains and prevent injury from falls. If you were not already exercising when you became pregnant and want to begin a routine, start slowly. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that you work at a reasonable pace, dress comfortably and drink plenty of water. Whether you are new to Curves or a veteran, work with your circuit coach to set specific goals and check in weekly to discuss your progress.

The Curves Equipment

Specially designed for women, the Curves low-impact, hydraulic resistance equipment uses pushing and pulling motions rather than lifting and lowering of weights, which means it is safe to use throughout pregnancy. However, exercises that compress the stomach should be avoided, so skip the ab-back machine during the third trimester or earlier if your range of motion becomes limited. Avoid the leg press if you feel off-balance or have difficulty getting on or off the machine.

Make the HARDER Choice... June2015

Make the HARDER Choice...
Get Active 
Eat Healthy
Be Fit

It's often said the harder choice & the right choice are often the same. You can choose to take the escalator or the stairs. You can choose to hit the snooze button or get up immediately.
Take the time now, to assess where you're at! Grab your diary and program the ME time for your health & wellness.

Remember Curves takes just 30 mins for a total body workout. Cardio & Strength training at the same time!

So...Make the Harder Choice...and make it this moment!

Yours in Good Health & Happiness,
Chris, Rebecca, Sally, Jodi & Beth xx

Congratulations to Members of the Week ~ Daphne & Renai :D

Congratulations Margaret on achieving 2200 workouts!

Well Done Bree, that's 2.5kgs (5 tubs of margarine) in Body Fat lost :D

Full circuit for our Open Day! Zumba in the Circuit

Curves members at the 2015 Colour Run

Sam & Elwyn...Curves members at the 2015 Colour Run

2015 Raw Challenge with Pam, Suzie & Chris :D