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Welcome! Charmhaven operates 25  specialty circuits throughout the week. Click on News (at left) to check the current times of Body Basic Stretch & Tone, Dance n Tone, Cardio 30/30 Arms, leg and Core Booty, Box n Tone and many more.  Also, take the time to go to our Facebook page to get a wonderful insight into the culture of our award winning club which has just celebrated its 10th year anniversary. Exercise is not a punishment, but it is certainly something worth fighting for! ......Sharon Bland - Owner 10 yrs.

CURVES CHARMHAVEN DOES NOT HAVE A 12 MONTH LOCK-IN CONTRACT. Ph 43931344 for details of our minimum requirements, terms and conditions.  YOU maybe able to strength train and attend specialty circuits for an entire week for the cost of what you may already be paying elswhere!  Ph 43931344 for more details, SMS 0424616800 or email

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Curves Charmhaven

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Specialty circuits operate every day.  Times vary depending on the day.  Time slots vary between 6 am, 7 am, 8 am, 8.30 am, 9 am, 9.15 am, 10.15 am, 5.30 pm, 6 pm.  The 30 minute strength training circuit operates continuously regardless of wether or not a specialty circuit is operating at the time.  Ph 43931344 for details and/or a free trial.  Take a look at our facebook page for videos of members enjoying the specialty circuits. 

CURVES CHARMHAVEN DOES NOT HAVE A 12 MONTH LOCK-IN CONTRACT. Ph 43931344 for details of our minimum requirements, terms and conditions.  YOU maybe able to strength train and attend specialty circuits for an entire week for the cost of what you may already be paying elswhere!  Ph 43931344 for more details, SMS 0424616800 or email

Nicole half her original size

Nicole midway

Nicole at the start

$1 to join first 30 new members

A team member will be with you for the first 3 visits & coach you on how to use the circuit

Owner Sharon Bland: Curves International Franchisee of the Year 2006. 10 year franchisee 2015. Charmhaven "Best Health & Fitness Club in Australia" Winner 2006. Finalist 07, 08, 09, 10, 11,12,14

Our staff Carly & Vashti are amazing women who have faced challenges and succeeded. Between the two of them, these girls have lost a total of around 100 kg. Pictured here at the 2015 National awardsFinalist Fitness & Health

Lisa has had 10 years at Curves & two Curves babies. Talk to her about how you too, can re-claim your pre-baby bod.

Staff trainee Lollie. Fab Body Basics circuit coach & learning lots of weight loss tips. Welcome back Lynne from our Kanwal days.

Sharon Bland & her family started & have owned the business for over 10 yrs.

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Leanne Hawkins

The 'new me' has more energy, better mobility and increased self-esteem.

There are so many words that I can use but the one thing I know for sure is that this journey has changed me. I now have more confidence, focus and ambition to set and reach small realistic goals. I can now do this no matter what challenges are put in front of me because this journey has changed me not just physically, but mentally. The Curves trainers are awesome with their support and encouragement to change and adapt the menus and to push me extra hard on the machines. The 12 Week Challenge gave me the incentive to set a goal and just do it! My first goal was to get under 100 kg during the challenge. Wow! Look how far I have come, I had won the prize for the biggest weight loser with almost 15 kg lost in the 12 week’s of the challenge. The Curves coaches were always so excited when it was time for my weekly weigh. Their excitement was contagious. It made me feel special. They staff called me “the reluctant star” when they took some photos of me to feature as the winner of the 12 Week Challenge. I have been able to throw out my old baggy clothes and buy clothes that fit, as well as being confident enough to have photos taken. The ‘new me’ has more energy, better mobility and increased self-esteem.

Mel B.

Our very own Mel B.  She entered the Curvette challenge with a goal to looking great for her trip to Fiji. And guess what?  She looked great, and had a fantastic time.

Jennilee Aitken

Loving me again

My Curves journey has taught me that life does not go without struggles, but having other members and Curves coaches there for you and each other, helps you to deal with issues and move on to reach your goals. This is what has made me strong. Curves made me determined and gave me the tools and knowledge to succeed. I NEVER GAVE UP THIS TIME! I have been on my journey for over 12 months now and Curves helps you to look beyond and soldier on. At my first weigh and measure in I made a vow to put myself first for a while, and rediscover who I am  and what I want from life. At my first weigh in I was 119.1 kg. I am now 89 kg – the lowest I can ever remember. My before and after photos speak a 1,000 words! I now love dressing up, going out and having photos taken with my husband and three sons. I see the pride in my husbands eyes and the look of love again. I am proud that he likes to show me off to his friends without embarrassments and my three boys tell me they are happy that Mummy goes to the gym and is able to run run, dance and even exercise with them. I am now beginning to love me again.




Sarah K-B

What a glamour!  This determined lady zoomed in as runner-up in our Curvette challenge losing over 14 kg in just 12 weeks.

Emma from Warnervale

Emma had amazing results with coaching help on the Curves Complete program.  She is a very busy young Mum.  If you she can do it, you can too!


Kay Metcalf

I have halved my medication!

I have been a Curves member at Charmhaven since it opened 11 years ago. Besides all the compliments I am getting, the best thing about Curves is what it has done to improve my health. It has been a life habit that I have needed in order to control my diabetes. During the 12 Week Challenge I was able to halve my medication and hopefully soon, I will not need to take it at all! I have gone from having 64 units of Insulin to 34. My doctor is ecstatic! My goal is to lose more weight and centimetres so I look tremendous when I go on my next cruise.

“It’s the little things like having room in the car to move and pick things up off the floor, being able to do up my shoelaces and fit comfortably into restaurant seats. And, the big bonus is I am improving my health which is so important as a have Multiple Sclerosis."


40 kilos lighter.  She loves being able to buy clothes off the rack!



Check out our member Amanda, currently an entrant in the Aust/NZ Curvette of the Year promotion

Tennille Nak

I'm proud to look in the mirror

Who would have thought six months ago I would be 30kgs lighter and 140cm smaller? Definitely not me. I didn’t like getting my photo taken and I avoided the mirror whilst in my underwear. But now I’m proud to look in the mirror and so full of life it’s great. I’m a different person now. I have surprised myself on how much I have changed physically and mentally. Even though I haven’t reached my goal weight (I’m pretty close), the change in me is awesome. Not only have I got confidence I have a new me! I have people telling me on a weekly basis how good I’m looking and how they wish they were as motivated as me. Also that I have inspired some of them to do something about their weight because they have seen me do it. Doing the 12 week challenge has shown me that I can do what I thought I couldn’t do in the beginning. I set a goal to be under 100kgs by the end of the challenge and I did that with two weeks to spare! I have become more motivated to do not only my Curves workout but the extra classes, and take some of my knowledge home to help others along their journey.

Louise Horsburgh

January 2014 I hit rock bottom with personal problems and gained my “usual” weight but this time had doubled it. I couldn’t believe my eyes – 20 kilos! I was so mortified. We had to go to a friend’s 50th in QLD and I felt so self-conscious and I couldn’t find anything decent to wear. The trip was depressing.  I picked up the Woman’s Day and found an article about weight loss Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers Curves – Hmmm I had not tried this one before.  I took myself to our local Curves and I haven’t looked back. It was the first time I had ever done gym work and I loved it, I started losing weight, cm and building confidence. I made friends with so many lovely ladies and most of all met my “soul sister” who happened to be my coach at Curves.  She has been with me every step of the way and not only have I learnt to eat better and work out but I have the most wonderful friendship.


Hard to imagine where 30 tubs of margarine come from?










I am getting out there and doing things I never thought I would!

I decided to join Curves Charmhaven after hearing about other success stories and wanted to start doing something for my own health and fitness, I have been trying for a baby and was having some difficulty with PCOS and fertility issues. My Dr advised me that losing some weight could help me along. I joined in December 2014 and was apprehensive… for about a day!!! Then I just couldn’t get enough of the gym and the classes we get here at Charmhaven. The other members are lovely and the staff are knowledgeable and have helped to inspire me to continue pushing hard. I lost weight and huge centimetres each month and made it to the top loser board for every month!!

The reason I decided to enter for the transformation as well as sporty category is because I have become so different in my approach towards fitness, I am getting out there and doing things I never thought I would and frankly would have laughed at a year ago. I competed in my first event, a Mud Run and got covered in mud. A year ago NO WAY! Yuck, not dirt… (I am in training to now compete in a second run). But now I’ve learned to love having fitness in my routine and look forward to it for more than just the benefits of how I look, its more than that. People are seeing it and complimenting me and i’m so glad I walked into Curves and did this for myself. I’m happy and so is my Dr, he was blown away by the change from one appointment to the next and so am I! Its now a part of my life and I cant wait to see where it takes me.





One of our greatest achievers in 2014.  Hard work and particpation in Body Basics allowed this lovely lady to acheive her goals.  Well done Jewels, we are proud of you.

Long term Charmhaven members Alison & Shirley

Alison from Warnervale

Never been happier or confident

I was very overweight for a 27 year old girl.  I was at risk of getting diabetes and high blood pressure, not to mention strokes. I decided it was time to be done with the past and start to focus on loving myself again.

Curves has helped me in so many ways.  Health, fitness, fashion, body image, self esteem, relationships and dealing with very personal issues. Since joining Curves,  I haven’t looked back. I have lowered my risk of getting diabetes and strokes, my blood pressure is at a healthy level and I manage stress a lot better. I have since become more confident with me as a person and it has been noticed by everyone I come in contact with.  For years I wasn’t the happy go lucky me.    When starting my weight loss journey,  I started to find myself again.  I have never been happier or confident with the way I look.

Lynne Kelman

Our most beautiful member Lynne Kelman who won the Australia/NZ Curvette of the Year 2012.  She was inspirational, motivational, superwoman, supermum.  We love her and miss her. xxx

Lorette from Hamlyn Terrace & Natalie from Lake Munmorah

Lorette when she first came to Curves agrees she was like the tin man, now she is a "Spring Chicken"!  Natalie is probably one of the fittest, strongest Nana's around.  (You should see her muscles!)

Jacqui from Lake Munmorah

Jacqui's calorie burn just kept getting better and better thanks to CurvesSmart electronic system. 

Chris from Gorokan

Chris now wears the most amazing clothes, that she says she would never have dreamed of wearing before Curves.  Chris you are amazing!


Michelle from Wadalba

Michelle's family are very proud when they tell her, they could just never imagine her in gym clothes.  And WOW!  She looks great no matter what she wears.


Vashti (Curves Charmhaven staff)

Staff member Vashti lost 26 kg on the Curves Complete coaching plan. Ask her to help you do the same!

Judy from Blue Haven

Dedicated long term member Judy Mansfield. With Curves she achieved a fabulous figure which she keeps year after year.

Claudia from Lake Munmorah

Claudia and her Mum Deb have been members for 10 yrs.  3 babies later and she is still as fit and beautiful as ever.

Cheryl from Doyalson

Congratulations to long term member Cheryl.  You should see her muscles!  She is so, so fit.

Belinda from Charmhaven

Beautiful Belinda is a busy mother of 6. She was a finalist in the 2013 Aust/NZ Curvette of the Year award.

Lisa (Curves Charmhaven Staff)

Staff member Lisa went from size 16 to a size 8 wedding dress.  2 babies later and she looks amazing.  Ask her how!


Carly (Curves Charmhaven staff)

Staff member Carly lost 75 kg. Ask her how!

Florence from Lake Munmorah

Florence gets the bus to Curves, zooms around the circuit then gets the bus back.  Amazing little ball of energy!


Maureen's cardiologist loves Curves. We love you too Maureen, you are so committed.

Mum & Daughter Deb & Claudia

20 weeks pregnant!

Caro & Aly

Congratulations Carole

60's music Body Basics Fri & Sun morning

Vicki on our achiever board a loss that week equivalent to 3 tubs of margarine!

Congratulations Wendy

Fat loss 1 to 4 weeks. Visual records the way to go. Thanks Cath!

We have lots of triplets at Curves ie. Nan, Mum & daughter.

Aly Marsh. Thankyou for the photos titled "The pants say it all!"

Shirley you are amazing! Our glamour girl was almost 70 when she joined 10 years ago.

Emily feeling great after losing 10 kg.

Charmhaven member Julee feeling wonderfully confident and why wouldnt she?

Body Basic specialty circuits mornings & evenings.

Staff member Carly

Tennille - Now lost over 20 kg!

Fun & community spirit at Charmhaven with Cheryl & Lisa

Curves Charmhaven babies just keep on coming!

Nat & Bev celebrating Natalies's 1,000th workout!

Try Go-Go with Vash & Shaz - Everyone loves 60's music!

And the results just keep coming. 3 kg is the equivalent of 6 tubs of margarine!

Joy celebrating her achievements with coach Carly.

Celebrate your success Deb as a long term Charmhaven member.

Erin -What a powerhouse. Burning over 700 cals nearly every time & she is about to achieve her goal

Check out the calorie burn going up and up over the Power Half Hour circuits

Super strong long term member Julie.

Camela - Celebrating her achievements.

Anyone for Go-go? My Nana can show you how.